12 Apostle Gourmet Trail

12 Apostle Gourmet Trail

The 12 Apostles Gourmet Trail, as its name suggests, sits along the Great Ocean Road near the 12 Apostles), and was curated to allow visitors to experience the wonderful artisan food and beverage around the area. What’s great is that many of these places offer food tastings (for a fee), and sell local products that are exclusive to the region.

12 Apostle Gourmet Trail

Of the 16 available recommended places (some places are opened only in specific seasons and time), my family and I visited four – Timboon Cheesery, Timboon Ice Cream, GORGE Chocolate, and Apostle Whey Cheese.

Timboon Cheesery

A small set-up with a garden in the surroundings. This is a lovely place to walk around on a cool day. We paid AUD$1/Pax for a simple cheese tasting session. Apart from tasting the cheeses that they produce, they also have samples of jams and sauces that are from the area. The lady explained the different cheeses to us, and it was a pretty good variety – but none really appealed to us, so we left empty-handed, but we enjoyed the experience.

Timboon Fine Ice Cream

Five scoops of ice cream + Toppings + Chocolate Sauce!

A very modern ice cream parlour in the midst of the quiet town of Timboon with wonderful ice cream! From flavours like ginger, to fruity and our regular chocolate flavours, ice cream produced by this ice cream shop was spectacular. It was so good that we came back the next day for another daily dose of ice cream!

GORGE Chocolate

About a 20-minute drive from Port Campbell, GORGE chocolate prides itself for its range of chocolates that are made with Belgium chocolate. There is a very wide variety of chocolate types, which are all sold in small packets. They did have some chocolate-tasting, but it was well-controlled by the staff. The chocolate which I bought – the honeycomb chocolate – was really good – fluffy honeycomb with a good dark chocolate covering. This shop also sells products that are from the area, including llama-related ones.

Apostle Whey Cheese

From GORGE Chocolate, there was a sign that directed us to Apostle Whey Cheese which was a 3-minute drive away! Similar to Timboon Cheesery, Apostle Whey Cheese offered a cheese tasting session at AUD$1/Pax.

This experience was unique and we really enjoyed the variety of cheeses – soft to hard cheeses, that were presented in a very orderly manner. Each party was given a slip of paper with the list of cheeses to which we were going to sample, and it was used for us to circle the cheeses we really liked (helped when we wanted to purchase them!) The cheeses here are very fresh, and all made within the Apostle Whey Cheese compound. There is a small viewing gallery where we saw the owner processing the cheese!

We eventually bought the garlic and herb cheese as well as the brie (which they had recently won an award for). Reasonably priced and really nice, Apostle Whey Cheese is a must-visit!


The Great Ocean Road definitely wins for its scenic views, and the addition of the 12 Apostle Gourmet trail makes this route even more exciting. It is well-curated, and definitely can appeal to people of all ages. If you’re looking to add some spice into your trip along the Great Ocean Road, be sure to check this out!

Delicious Wallet-Friendly Chocolates from Australia

I’ve just returned from a trip to Melbourne Australia and would like to share some chocolate snacks that I feel are worthy to be mentioned!

Tim Tam by Arnotts

This is a well-known inexpensive staple for visitors and locals alike. Available in almost every international grocery store globally, Tim Tam is definitely worth a mention, especially if you’re visiting Australia as there are SO MANY OTHER FLAVOURS available in Australia which are sadly not readily-available overseas. The original Tim Tam is a classic – chocolate cream is sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits which is then coated in another layer of chocolate (talk about chocolate overdose!). It is a sweet, crunchy, yet light snack that many adore.

Two of the flavours I chanced upon this trip includes the Manuka and Honey Cream Tim Tam and Gisborne Orange and Dark Chocolate. These flavours are part of Arnott’s Crafted Collection, a new collection that was just introduced to the market in February 2020.

The Manuka and Honey Cream Tim Tam was delicious. Instead of having a chocolate cream filling, this was replaced with manuka and honey cream which gave it an equally sweet, yet different flavoured taste. Eaten at room temperature, the filling was soft and creamy on the inside, and it pairs so well with the chocolate outer-coating.

The Gisborne Orange and Dark Chocolate was interesting, but not as fascinating only because a similar orange flavoured Tim Tam used to be available market as well. It’s good, and if you’re a lover of orange chocolate, this should be added to your must-buy list.

At A$3.65, these biscuits are definitely a classic.

Tortina by Loacker

Loacker carries this product, and similar to Arnotts, the brand is pretty well-known globally, especially for its wafer biscuits. However, this product, Tortina, is one of my favourites under this brand!

It has two crispy biscuits, wrapping a smooth hazelnut cream and is coated with a layer of chocolate. This product does sound familiar to Tim Tam but tastes very different as the texture of the biscuits are on the crispier, wafer-y side. If you are a nut lover, this cream filling makes this chocolate-coated biscuit such a treat!

During this trip, I chanced upon the dark chocolate version, and it’s even nicer than the original as the dark chocolate makes the snack less sweet overall. This is an inexpensive treat and costs A$4 for a box.


Arnotts and Loacker are chocolate brands that aren’t new to many, but the flavours that are available in Australia definitely won me over during this trip. What makes it even more worth-while is the fact that these products are all wallet-friendly!

On damaged baggage and how to deal with the situation

On damaged baggage and how to deal with the situation

A missing wheel, a cracked bag, a burst zip with missing items – all these damages to your checked-in baggage can be claimed (subject to further assessment) – but do you know how to do it? 

Here’s to a series of fun facts on travel tips and what to do in times of need. 

Beginning last year, my family and I have had a series of broken and/or spoilt check-in baggage. These baggage are of decent quality (mostly under Antler) and prior to recent months, they did not give us any issues as they are polycarbonate baggage. However, on quite a number of our recent trips, our bags have been subject to poor handling and as such, we filed for claims for them. 

Every airline has its own partnership with a local company that deals with missing and damaged baggage in the local airport. Upon collecting your baggage from the carousel, always take a look at the condition of the baggage. Minor scratches and minor dents do not often fall under the damage baggage claim, but large ones should be evident to the eye and a claim should be filed before you leave the airport, and the claim should be made in person. 

To file a claim, you will need to have the baggage tag on the baggage itself, your passport, boarding pass (or e-ticket), as well as the baggage tag which was given to you upon check-in at your destination of boarding. Without these items, it may be difficult to submit a claim. Once you have located the baggage claims counter in the airport terminal, you will be required to fill in a form with your particulars – it is important to ensure that the information you’ve provided is accurate as the company will contact you via the information provided to ask for more details. The initial details on baggage condition, model of baggage and age of baggage will also be asked then (you will most probably be required to submit your receipt for the company to determine the value of compensation of your bag). Upon leaving the counter, you will be provided with an incident report with the details you have provided and will be advised on further actions you may have to take. 

For example, when my baggage got damaged during a Singapore Airlines flight from Adelaide back to Singapore, we filed the damaged baggage report and returned home. The bag was collected by the company staff from my provided address and it was further assessed. I received a call after from the company that told me that the baggage could not be repaired and was provided a monetary compensation which I collected from the airport counter a day later. On a different flight, also by Singapore Airlines, my baggage was damaged but could be repaired. The company staff collected the baggage from my provided address, assessed and repaired it, before delivering it back to my address. Communication was fairly simple for both cases and both were resolved easily. 

However, for my Etihad Airways experience on my latest trip to Switzerland, we had damaged baggage issues the moment we touched down in Zurich where our baggage was so badly damaged that we had to discard it at the airport. We filed a damaged baggage report, got the report ID and had to fill in an extensive form on Etihad Airways site with our receipts, baggage tags and photos (it was a pain). Similarly, another bag got damaged on the way back to Singapore and we had to go through the hassle of setting the claims. To date, our second claim has not been fully processed (almost two months from the incident). While I know that we’ll eventually get our money back, it is indeed a hassle. 

Every airline has its own operating procedures, but some are just more convenient than others. You may not always get your desired amount compensated to you so do not get your hopes high – but please always remember to check your baggage and make a damage claims report before you leave the airport! If possible, try to take a picture of your baggage at the check-in counter as evidence of how your baggage originally looked (in case the airline requests for it). 

No one likes to receive a damaged baggage but if you do, do take note on the steps described above!

Savour panoramic views of Switzerland via the Golden Pass Line

Savour panoramic views of Switzerland via the Golden Pass Line

After our stay in Grindelwald, we departed for Montreux via the Golden Pass Line route which was a truly unique experience. Having taken many train rides across Switzerland over the first few days of our trip, I did not really know what to expect from “yet another train ride”. 

The route we took was from Grindelwald to Interlaken, Interlaken to Zweisimmen followed by Zweisimmen to Montreux. The second and third legs from Interlaken to Montreux were part of the Golden Pass Line. 

The views on the Golden Pass Line were spectacular – particularly so for the Zweisimmen to Montreux leg where each train carriage provided an unobstructed view of the mountains and valleys we were passing through. The glass roof of the carriages allowed us to see our surroundings with a panoramic view. Seeing the alps from towns and actually going through them via train is definitely a very different feeling. 

Considering that the views in Switzerland were already very stunning, I actually thought that I would be less than impressed because we had already seen such wonderful views in Grindelwald. However, the train ride passed through farms and small towns which allowed us to see how the locals lived – something that is often not seen in the touristy regions of Switzerland. It definitely is one of the ‘must-dos’ as recommended by fellow tourists alike! 

Here are some tips before you go on this route – 

  1. The Golden Pass Line passes through many stops and you do not necessarily have to sit through the entire route to truly enjoy the experience. My original route from Grindelwald to Montreux could have been slightly shorter but pencilling in the train on the Golden Pass Line only extended our trip for a short while but gave us much more spectacular views!
  2. If you have the Swiss Travel Pass, your pass covers the trip but it is recommended to consider the timing of trains you intend to take (via the SBB timetable). For certain legs of the Golden Pass Line (i.e. Zweisimmen to Montreux), it is highly recommended that you make reservations (extra cost involved) to ensure that you get seats if you are in a group. There were certainly enough seats across all carriages but they were all scattered and mostly facing backwards. You can reserve your seats here
  3. Bring a pair of shades along! It gets really bright with the glass roof on the carriage!
  4. The ride can be long – it’ll be good to bring along some food for the ride! Alternatively, you can purchase food from the in-carriage meal service. 
  5. Other than the panorama trains, there are other train types. Do your research on which train you’d like to experience before making your reservations (i.e. the Chocolate train). 

Here’s a short clip from the ride!

Grindelwald – Mount First instead of Jungfrau?

Grindelwald – Mount First instead of Jungfrau?

Following my previous post on the snippets on Grindelwald, here’s more on Mount First! We made the decision to head up Mount First instead of Jungfrau. Now, this might be of interest to you as most people tend to want to head up to Jungfrau, one of the main summits of the Alps. 

Here are some of the factors we considered before heading to Mount First.

Cost – With the Swiss Travel Pass, heading up Mount First via the gondola gives us a 50% discount. The Jungfrau is significantly further, and we are only entitled a 25% discount for the ticket up. Although this wasn’t a significant factor (we already paid so much to get to Switzerland!), it was something we considered. 

Time – From where we were staying in Grindelwald, we had a 360 view of the mountains surrounding it and saying that it is pretty is too underwhelming a statement. We wanted to be able to have a mountain-top view and many of the mountains (in all honesty) look similar. Mount First was only a 10-minute bus ride from our accommodation (5 minutes from the Grindelwald station), and it only took us 25 minutes up to Mount First via the gondola. However, getting to Jungfrau would have taken us 1.5 hours to get there from Grindelwald. Imagine – 1.5 hours just to get there, and another 1.5 hours to return.

Activities – We wanted this to be a chill trip and the activity that struck us the most was the Grindelwald First Flyer – a zip line down from the First cable car station to the next. The almost-40-second trip was a thrilling one and the view, magnificent. Having seen this on a Chinese variety show a couple of years back, I’d always wanted to take it. There’s just something about flying up in the air with surrounding mountains that screams amazing. (No photos/videos as I wanted to enjoy the most of the experience!)

On top Mount First was also a free-for-all First Cliff Walk. This First Cliff Walk surrounds a small section of the mountain which gives you a panoramic view on the edge of the cliff. On a day with good weather, it is ideal to walk on it. However, the path up to the entrance of the cliff walk was a bit steep and slippery the day we went! 

There was a restaurant on the top of Mount First and we had our cheese fondue experience there. Perhaps it was the alcohol within the cheese, or we just could not appreciate the dense cheese, we struggled to finish it and had an experience that came out with the phrase – “Cheese Fondue, how about Cheese fon-don’t!”

Mount First has more to offer than the above two activities mentioned. In fact, one can rent sleds and skis to experience most of the mountain. If you are looking for a place to explore in a day, Mount First is an easy-to-reach destination with many activities to keep people of all ages entertained! 

Snippets of Grindelwald

Snippets of Grindelwald

After Zurich and Liechtenstein, we headed off to Grindelwald, a holiday town that sits within the Jungfrau region. From Zurich, we took the train headed for Interlaken and changed to a smaller train from Interlaken to Grindelwald. The entire journey took us more than 2.5 hours and was a smooth and uneventful ride.

While researching for this trip, we realized that many like to use Interlaken as their base as it is a well-known hub with good connectivity around the area. However, my family and I decided that we wanted the mountain-top or you could say, mountainside experience this time round and we decided to stay in Grindelwald itself. Accommodation options in Grindelwald are on the slightly pricier side compared to the options in Interlaken but it is understandable considering that it is a holiday town! Here’s the link to the cute Airbnb we stayed in.


After settling into our accommodation, we decided to head back to the main town centre to explore and grab some groceries at the co-op. The main town centre is where the train terminal, bus terminal, hotels, sports activities, shops and restaurants are situated.

Streets of Grindelwald

The Grindelwald Sports Centre, also known as Sportzentrum Grindelwald, is open to the public and on a gloomy day, one can easily engage in sports activities here. From bouldering to indoor swimming and ice-skating, Sportzentrum Grindelwald is definitely a good area to visit on a gloomy day! Just outside the centre lies a playground which children and adults can hang out at. On a snowy day in Grindelwald, we saw many children building snowmen – a cute sight indeed.

A friendly tip: If you intend to do your groceries in Grindelwald, just note the opening hours of the one and only co-op there! They do not operate on Sundays.

Stay-tuned to learn more about Grindelwald!

Swiss Travel Pass – The One-Stop Pass You’ll Need!

Swiss Travel Pass – The One-Stop Pass You’ll Need!

If you’ve been to Switzerland before, you’d know that traveling around the country is not cheap. Food, entrance to attractions, shopping and transportation – all these add up to quite a hefty sum! However, with careful planning, you may be able to take advantage of the Swiss Travel Pass!

On a recent trip to Switzerland, my family made use of the Swiss Travel Pass which we purchased from Klook. Here are some of the perks of using the Swiss Travel Pass:

Free entrance to many attractions around the country

From the FIFA World Museum in Zurich to the International Red Cross Museum in Geneva, the Swiss Travel Pass provides complimentary access to these museums! Entrance to the FIFA World Museum costs CHF 24 (~SGD $33) while entrance to the International Red Cross museum sets you back by CHF 15 (~SGD $21).

Entrance to two museums in Liechtenstein was also covered by the pass – Liechtenstein National Museum at CHF 10 (~SGD $14) and the Treasure Chamber Liechtenstein at CHF 8 (~SGD $11).

Access to some of the best train trips (albeit almost all train rides are covered by this pass!)

The Swiss Travel Pass covers almost all the costs of public transport across Switzerland. From the Golden Pass Line to the Glacier Express and Bernina Express (three of the top five scenic train routes in Switzerland), the Swiss Travel Pass covers the cost of the train ride (less the reservation fees).

Scenery on Golden Pass Line

These special train routes cut through the mountainous regions of the country and have special trains that is unlike others. The panoramic trains provide great views through its clear windows, giving you a great unblocked view of the scenery, you’re passing through!

Eliminating the hassle of purchasing tickets

Purchasing tickets is not difficult in Switzerland, but it can be quite a hassle. Considering that the Swiss Travel Pass only requires you to present your ticket when the train conductor comes, there will be no need for you to purchase the tickets individually before every trip you make! In addition, each city in Switzerland has a different style of ticket purchase – in Zurich, bus tickets can be bought at bus stops while in Montreux, bus tickets are bought on the bus itself.

Swiss Travel Pass Ticket

Purchasing the Swiss Travel Pass thus provides a one-stop ticket that allows you to take the public transport freely without having to consider the cost and the steps of purchasing these tickets. Catching trains at their appropriate times can be hard, but with the Swiss Travel Pass, the stress of purchasing tickets is greatly reduced.


I was really thrilled to have bought the tickets though the initial set-back cost was really high at CHF 418 (~ SGD $576) for the consecutive eight-day pass. While I only used seven of the eight days, upon breakdown of the costs, I realized that I had already recovered the cost of it all by the sixth day.

For its convenience and flexibility, I would say that the Swiss Travel Pass is a must-buy! It may not be the cheapest option, but it definitely is the most convenient and useful pass to have.

Swiss Travel Passes can be bought for both 1st and 2nd class (2nd class is honestly very comfortable already), and in a specific number of days-form or consecutive days-form. You can purchase it from Klook here (not sponsored).

Sugar and Spice (and everything nice)

Sugar and Spice (and everything nice)

Taiwan’s Yu Jan Shin’s butter pastry has been our go-to pastry for the past few years, but another crowd favourite that we love is Sugar and Spice’s nougats.

Founded in Taichung in 1996, Sugar and Spice is known for their range of Taiwanese snacks and pastries. From pineapple cakes to tarts, cakes, chocolate and snacks, Sugar and Spice is a one-stop shop for all who are looking for gifts to bring home or as a treat for yourself.

I’ve grown-up loving nougats. Australia’s Golden Boronia nougats were my go-to nougats – especially those that my family and friends specially flew in from Australia. While similar in size and shape, the Sugar and Spice nougats taste a lot fresher.

My family was recently gifted this box of Sugar and Spice gift set which came with three different products – original nougats, cranberry nougats and peanut candies.

The original nougats have a strong buttery taste that gives the nougat a strong oomph factor. It is not overly sweet and has a soft and chewy texture, making it generally consumable by individuals of all ages (the nuts are the hard bits of this nougat!). Let’s just say, once you start eating it, you won’t be able to stop.

The cranberry nougats are on the sweeter side and has the same texture and consistency as the original nougats. This range of nougats will probably please the palette of young children as it is like eating a creamy, milky bar of goodness.

Taiwan is known for their peanut-shaved ice cream wrap, and these peanut candies taste like the shaved peanut flakes within the ice cream wrap. The sand-like peanut candy is compressed into small little candies which come out slightly smaller than the nougats. My family really loves this too, but there are other similar products on the market – a good buy, but not a must buy.

I’ve always wanted to try the nuts tart from Sugar and Spice and will make it a point to try it on my next trip to Taiwan!

With outlets peppered all across Taiwan, with one in Taoyuan International Airport, it is getting more convenient to purchase Sugar and Spice’s treats. Have you tried any other Sugar and Spice products? Which are your favourites?

Travel YouTubers in the Spotlight!

Travel YouTubers in the Spotlight!

Ever travelled and wondered where to start searching for content to plan your trip? In many of my other posts, I’ve often discussed travel and booking platforms, including tips which I gather from other traveller’s itineraries. However, there is a platform that I often look at – the good ol’ YouTube.

Content creators have made traveling a lot more visual. With more than just photos, these travel video logs (aka vlogs) provide tips and a good snapshot of a country or attraction that you intend to visit. 

Here are three of my must-watch YouTube channels –

Kyung6Film – Global Travel Vlogs

Kyung6Film’s YouTube Channel

A Korean content creator that create visually aesthetic videos and has amazing editing. It is evident that they do their homework before traveling to a place as they provide insights to some of the places that they head to. Not all their videos have English subtitles but many do not have voice-overs – just videos of the places. Here’s one of their videos which introduced Singapore – if I worked for the Singapore Tourism Board, I would certainly pay this vlogger for this wonderful feature!

欸你這週要幹嘛 (Ariel’s Travel Vlogs) – Global Travel Vlogs

欸你這週要幹嘛 ‘s YouTube Channel

A Taiwanese content creator, Ariel vlogs her trips with her friends and family and often provides many tips on the different places she visits. Her content is very family and friend-centric which exudes a friendly and positive vibe when watched – a warm, fuzzy feeling which many travel vlogs do not show. With a rise in popularity and of course, business opportunities, Ariel is upfront whenever a trip is sponsored or when she’s gifted something, which makes her seem very approachable as well. I’m often tickled by her honest opinions and enjoy her regular vlogs. Here’s one of her travel vlogs to Turkey! *Do note that her vlogs are in mandarin. 

KimDao – Japan Travel Vlogs

Kimdao’s YouTube Channel

An Australian content creator, KimDao is known for her Japan travel tips and shopping hauls. What caught my eye about this vlogger is that you can see the effort she takes in creating her list of recommended places. Take for example her 100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide video. This video was filmed over a series of countless trips to Japan and is a very good guide for someone who is planning a trip there! Her latest video (NO TOKYO!) 100 THINGS You MUST DO in JAPAN 🇯🇵 | Japan Travel Guide also provides travelers a glimpse of a different Japan and a highlight of what you can see outside of the major cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. 

Did you know? It’s been said that it takes at least an hour (for a pretty experienced video editor) to edit a minute of video content so I really do appreciate the effort these content creators put in!

Now, which other YouTube channels would you recommend, and why?

Hunting for a notebook

Love the packaging

What do you look out for when you’re looking for a new notebook computer? Though I’m quite at home with technology and am an avid follower of the scene, this question still caused me to stop and think for a bit.

What exactly was I looking for? Taking a step back, I began with why I was searching for a new one in the first place.

My existing notebooks were a 17-inch gaming notebook which I used for the office and a 13-inch Apple MacBook Air for travelling. One’s powerful but too heavy to lug around while the other is light but runs on a different operating system.

The gaming notebook is great for working on spreadsheets (which I don’t fancy), watching movies and playing games. While it’s a few years old, it still packs enough grunt to get everything done fast. The only negative was it’s weight, making it highly unportable.

On the other hand, the MacBook Air provided the portability, which is especially useful for my travel. I bought it after feeling the strain of carrying another notebook while on trips to the US. The Apple device is not as fast (it was bought in 2011) as the Windows-based notebook (which is designed with power in mind) but it was enough to get things done.

Why change

Toggling between the two computers involved backing up and copying my Outlook file whenever I have to travel, which was about once a month.

This means that I use a Windows computer most of the time. While I have no issue with macOS, it does take a bit of getting reacquainted every few weeks.

Outlook and Word also works differently on both platforms. The functionalities are generally the same but the little differences began to take its toll, particularly the cut-and-paste between documents and Outlook.

Since June, I’ve had to spend more time out of the office so I’m using the Mac a little more but what’s worst is the constant copying and backing up of files.

What I need

Having identified my painpoints, I have an idea of what I need:

  1. Powerful
  2. Portable
  3. Window-based
  4. Affordable
  5. Reliable brand
  6. X-factor

The research took longer than expected as I could not find one that matched all my requirements. How brands named and positioned their product lines also made the search a little challenging. I also turned to a well-known editor for his advice.

This is it

Just when I thought that nothing could match my criteria, I read about an upcoming notebook.

Asus had announced earlier in the year that it was coming up with its 30th anniversary edition. After pouring through the known specs in detail, I was quite certain that this was what I wanted.

The limited-edition Asus ZenBook Edition 30 was supposed to be launched in conjunction with an IT show in September. A quick check with Asus a day before the show revealed that the notebook’s already available in the store.

I drove to the nearest Asus store but could not find it on the display shelf. When queried, the salesperson pointed to an empty space on the shelf and said that was where the new notebook will be placed. He added that he could furnish me with the specs if I was interested to find out more.

Before I could educate the young man, his colleague said that the unit’s in the storeroom and she could get it for me after she’s done with a customer.

Ten minutes later, I became the proud owner of a brand new notebook.

Why I like this

My purchase was no impulse decision. Here are why I picked this over dozens of others:

  1. Powerful enough: It sports an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8565U CPU supported by the NVIDIA GeForce MX250 GPU and 16GB of RAM — that’s enough horsepower for me.
  2. Portable enough: Weighing under 1.3kg, it comes with a 13.3-inch LED-backlit Full HD display with four-sided frameless NanoEdge design.
  3. Window-based: It runs of Windows 10 so I do not have to toggle between two operating sytems.
  4. Affordable enough: Priced at S$2,198, it’s a little ex for an average notebook but this is definitely not an average notebook.
  5. Reliable brand: HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer are some leading brands that I’ve used in the past. From my experience with my gaming notebook, Asus stands right up there with the best.
  6. X-factor: Now, this is where the Asus ZenBook Edition 30 is streets ahead of the rest. Imagine a notebook clad in pearl white leather and rose gold anodised diamond-cut edges and trim bar. The rose gold logo is futuristic and not so in-your-face. And it features a second screen on the mouse pad. While many have written this off as a gimick, I found it to be useful for viewing a messaging app or the Spotify playlist. Oh, the package also includes a matching mouse and leather notebook sleeve. Really nice touch.

After nearly three months of using the Asus ZenBook Edition 30, I simply love this. It’s everything I need and a little more.