Taichung’s Blue Sky Hotel: A blast from the past

Revenge travel is in full force. The airports are crowded. The flights are full. Tourists are flooding malls and attracions. This augurs well for the travel industry that has been reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

In our first trip to Taiwan since 2019, my family and I decided to visit Taichung and Taipei. Our choice of accommodation in Taichung was Blue Sky Hotel. And what a lovely hotel it is.

Stepping into the lobby is like we’ve travelled through time. On the left is a massive wall of luggage bags, each well-used and with its own story to tell. I couldn’t help but try to see if I can recognise any that I’ve used in my younger days. One or two did look like school bags I’ve used in days long gone.

No wonder many reviews said that this is a highly instagrammable hotel. While my family was checking in, I found myself taking photos of the luggage wall and the lobby.

Another lobby attraction is the lift — bright, shiny and with an old school level indicator.

Even the air-con vents have that vintage look. They could be mistaken for speakers.

With that old feel, I was kind of expecting the room levels to look dark. To my surprise, it is possibly the brightest lobby of any hotel that I’ve stayed in — and that includes many five-star hotels. The brightly-lit corridor gives a great sense of security, especially when returning late at night.

We stayed in a corner room, which is slightly larger than the rest. Look at the huge bathtub. It looks so sparkling clean that we could not bear to take a dip in it.

The room’s phone has a boxy look — would have been really interested to have a rotary dial version but this comes close.

Not sure if breakfast comes complimentary with all bookings but ours did and we’re so glad it did. The spread comprises local and western food such as bread and croissants. My favourite is plain porridge with sliced pig’s ears. Simply heavenly! It left such a lasting taste in me that I kept looking out for it even when I’m in Taipei. Sadly, nothing comes close.

Normally, I prefer to stay in different locations with each trip so that I can explore and learn more. However, Blue Sky Hotel is one that I’d gladly come back to next time I’m in Taichung. Just around the corner is a popular local bakery and the hotel is also close to Taichung Second Market, which has food stalls opened till the wee hours of the morning.

Blue Sky Hotel scores high on location, instrammability and affordability.

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