No Birds: It’s a car rental company!

Self-drive is our option whenever we go for a holiday. And our recent trip to Sydney was no exception.

We were checking out the usual car rental companies — Hertz, Avia, Europcar, and Budget — all of which we have used before.

Our criteria were affordability, model of car and proximity to Kingsford Smith Airport.

We were about to settle for one of them when a friend recommended No Birds to us. No Birds? What kind of name is that, we thought. He told us that his family and lots of Singaporeans studying in Australia choose this car rental company.

But, we decided to check it out and found that its rate was much lower than what our initial choice. The only thing that didn’t match our criteria was proximity — it is located about five minutes from the terminal. However, airport shuttle is available for just A$5 per booking.

As we weren’t in a rush and the price was so good, we decided to give it a shot.

Upon arrival at the arrival terminal, we called No Birds to notify them that we have arrived. The bus will pick us up from Bay 22, a short walk from the domestic terminal

Within five minutes of us arriving at the pick up point, the shuttle arrived. The transfer ride took about five minutes.

Getting our car was a breeze. What’s most comforting was that they told us that Singapore’s digital driving licence is acceptable — this is a mega relief because I had left my physical copy at home.

Our mid-sized SUV was clean and white. All Blue Birds cars are white with the company’s yellow logo on the side.

The rental car performed well throughout our trip.

At the end of the trip, we returned the car at the rental company. We thought the shuttle would drop us at the pick up point. However, we were pleasantly surprised when the driver sent us to the international terminal.

From our delightful experience. I’d highly recommend No Birds to anyone who needs to rent a car from Sydney Airport or anywhere else in Australia for that matter.

The price is great, the cars are clean and relatively new and the pick up and send processes smooth.

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