Revolut(ionise) the way You (take) a Trip!

With borders opening up and travelers start planning for trips, there are two cards which I highly recommend all travelers to own – YouTrip and Revolut.

I previously wrote about YouTrip three years back, and I’m happy to say that I am still an avid user of the card. Revolut, a card which I got late 2019, is also a card that I frequently use.

Here’s a quick table comparing the features of both YouTrip and Revolut:

Exchange RatesFavourableFavourable
WalletAllows you to exchange and store 10 currencies up to a value of S$5000Allows you to exchange and store 28 currencies up to a value of S$5000 (daily ending balance)
CardPhysical CardPhysical, Multi-use Virtual Card, Single-use Virtual Card
ATM WithdrawalS$5/transactionFree for first S$350/month. 2% transaction fee applies after.
PerksCashback (click through the YouTrip app) for sites such as, Amazon.sgCashback (click through the Revolut app) for sites such as Lazada, Watsons
Money TransferNot AvailableAble to transfer to other Revolut users and Bank Accounts (with a fee)
YouTrip and Revolut

While I own both cards, I realized that I tend to use my Revolut cards more because of the following features.

Apple Wallet

The ability to add the Revolu card into my Apple Wallet makes things so much easier. Instead of pulling out my physical card all the time, I’m able to access my Revolut card easily via my Apple Wallet.

Multi-use Virtual Card/ Single-use Virtual Card

These virtual cards make online shopping so much easier. And the beauty of these cards is that they can be easily frozen if I feel that the card is compromised (multi-use) or opt for the single-use card where every transaction uses a different card number.

YouTrip only allows for a single physical card which makes things harder if it is compromised. Freezing separate cards with a single Revolut account makes things so much easier!

Withdrawing Money out of my Revolut Account

Revolut allows for up to S$5000 transfer each month (to a local bank account) without exchange fees. YouTrip, on the other hand, only allows for the money to be transferred out if you close the account and a S$10 admin fee applies.


Both YouTrip and Revolut cards have made my life abroad easier. From being able to easily withdraw money via ATM, to favourable exchange rates and having real-time transaction notifications via the app, these cards are amazing for traveling (and online purchases).

Getting these cards are FREE and the flexibility and perks each card offers will make your traveling experience much easier and more affordable. It doesn’t hurt to apply for two cards as each card gives you a different experience – and if you plan it well, you may be able to withdraw money at the lowest transaction rate by using both cards!

Get S$5 when you get a YouTrip card today! Click here to get your Revolut card.

You won’t regret it.

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