Visiting Victor Harbour

In this fourth post on my trip to South Australia, let me introduce the town of Victor Harbour. 

As we headed towards Adelaide, we decided to stop by Victor Harbour for a two-night stay. Having come up from the quaint and quiet town of Meningie, Victor Harbour was considerably more populous, with more attractions and tourists. 

Some of the highlights include the cockle train experience and the Urimbirra Wildlife Park.

Cockle Train Experience

During the month of August, the train operated every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. We were really fortunate to have had a full day at Victor Harbour on one of its operating days. 

Running from Victor Harbour to Goolwa, the cockle train provided a wonderful view of the ocean as well as some residential areas which, as tourists, we would not commonly drive through. Residents also waved to passengers in the train as it ran past their backyards – an action that made many of us feel welcomed in their town. 

The train had a rustic yet comfortable feel which made it feel as though we were going back in time. Tickets meant as souvenirs were also given when we bought our tickets. At Goolwa, my family and I decided to visit a small boat that was open to the public – while picturesque, there were not many attractions near the Goolwa station and we headed back to Victor Harbour on the next train. 

Tip: From Victor Harbour to Goolwa, sitting on the right will allow you to have a better view of the ocean. 

Urimbirra Wildlife Park

Australia is peppered with many wildlife parks across the country and a small wildlife park resides in Victor Harbour. The Urimbirra Wildlife Park is home to many wildlife creatures, including kangaroos, sheep, and koalas. What surprised me was the number of guinea pigs, crocodiles and snakes they had in the park – definitely didn’t think I would see these creatures in a wildlife park. 

What I absolutely loved about the park is how open the park was. The proximity the park’s staff allowed visitors to have with the animals was a memorable one. One could easily purchase kangaroo feed and feed them openly across the park, and I had great fun feeding them. 

Being a quiet park, my family and I had a great time roaming the area and interacting with the animals there. 

Tip: A pack of kangaroo feed can go a long way. While buying more feed contributes to the park’s maintenance, perhaps you could pay for two but just take one. It will take a rather long time to finish feeding the kangaroos with two packs of feed if you’re going solo!

While my family and I did not go to the horse-drawn carriage (an attraction most tourists head to generally), we had great fun experiencing Victor Harbour at its other wonderful attractions. 

As I come to the tail-end on my posts of South Australia, here’s some of the links to my other posts –  Mount Gambier, Robe and Meningie.

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