Robe – A gem along the Limestone Coast

Along the Limestone Coast of South Australia lies a relatively touristy and quaint little town of Robe. Marked as one of the towns with connectivity, this town was marked on the Visit South Australia’s site with a Wi-Fi symbol – a true representation of how significant connectivity is when planning a trip, and an important one as I planned my trip as well. While I ultimately did not stay a night or two in this town, my family and I decided to drop by it while en route from Mount Gambier to Meningie.

If you intend to stop by this town, here are two places I’d highly recommend you visiting.

Robe Bakery Rosetown

On a nice Sunday afternoon, this small bakery that serves coffee and pastries had a decent crowd, with locals and tourists alike getting an afternoon coffee and snack. From the elderly to families with small children, this bakery’s pastries and coffee definitely managed to satisfy the crowd.

The cakes were nicely catered to those with a sweet-tooth, and for myself, the curry pie satisfied my savoury craving. With no iced coffee option on the menu, the staff kindly offered to make me a chilled-mocha – something they don’t usually do on a wintery day. With such service, it is no wonder how this small bakery has sustained for so long.

Robe Obelisk and its surroundings

With a function of that a light house, the Robe Obelisk is a stone pillar which was built in 1852 to guide ships to the Guichen Bay. The base to which it currently stands has been eroding and in comparison to how the Robe Obelisk used to stand in the past, the base has clearly eroded massively.

With short trails around the area, the Robe Obelisk provides a clear view of the sea, along with its breezy environment. Let the video and image below speak for it.

Robe Obelisk
View along the trail

Robe is a known local tourist attraction for its beach front and surfing paradise. However, do not be turned away during the cooler months for Robe has more to offer. If you happen to drive along the Limestone Coast, why not stop by this wonderful town?

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