Reminiscing Adelaide

In the final installment of my South Australia trip, I’ll be sharing with you more on the capital of South Australia – Adelaide. 

Having flown in to South Australia from Adelaide, my initial thoughts on it weren’t really positive. Upon arrival, the Adelaide airport was exceptionally crowded, with only one functioning belt that delivered the luggage of around three flights – this caused a huge backlog of luggage along the belt and resulted in a long wait for our luggage. However, this probably happened because the arrival hall was undergoing renovations. I’m sure it’ll be much better in no time!

Adelaide was definitely the most crowded city/town we visited during this trip. It had a nice vibe to it. In our previous locations, our main mode of transport was car but in Adelaide city itself, we could explore it on foot as well as via the trams (free within the city!). 

Two of my favorite memories of Adelaide are Adelaide Central Market and Hahndorf. 

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market is home to more than 70 traders and has a 150-year history. From fresh produce to cheese and even household items, its many merchants seem to have established their own customer base. 

While I did not purchase much from the market, I definitely enjoyed the whole atmosphere within the market. My family decided to have a break and we ordered desserts from a local bakery – a nice treat indeed. Peppered with tables and chairs along a corner of the market, customers were able to purchase food items from nearby stalls and consume it in this public seating area. This is a plus for many who like to order individual items from various stalls. 

Within the market, a stall that stood out was one that aimed to be environmentally-friendly. From selling toothpaste capsules to beans by weight (you bring your own bags/containers), this stall aimed to sell products that produced little waste. 


Road to Hahndorf

On a beautiful Saturday, my family and I decided to head out to Hahndorf. This town with German heritage is a mere 25-minute drive from Adelaide city centre. Our first stop was the Beerenberg farm which is known to produce its own strawberries. While we could not pick strawberries as it was not yet in season, we visited the shop which sold jams and sauces that tasted heavenly. The counter staff gave us samples of whatever we requested for – the jams were sweet gifts which we happily brought back home. 

Apart from the farm, we strolled along the main street in Hahndorf which had many small shops and rich in history. Some shops still stood in the original infrastructure that was build more than a century back. The highlight was the meal we had there in Hahndorf Inn. From live music to the quality of the food, Hahndorf Inn had the chill vibe which we really enjoyed on this afternoon. 

Live music in Hahndorf Inn

South Australia is amazing and I foresee myself heading back for more road trips in the future as there are many places that I’ve yet to explore!

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