Having a retreat while on a holiday!

The first two nights of our South Australian road-trip was spent in Mount Gambier which gave us a ‘quiet-city’ experience. For the next two nights, and after stopping by the town of Robe, we had planned for a relaxing waterfront experience at the Coorong Waterfront Retreat. Just 14 km from the town of Meningie, our accommodation was definitely ‘off-the-beaten-track’. 

The Coorong’s unspoiled coastline makes it one of South Australia’s most visited destinations for bird-watching, kayaking and for a retreat.

Two of my fondest memories at the waterfront retreat are: 

The Wildlife

From pelicans to fairy terns and red-necked avocets, the Coorong National Park is peppered with a diverse ecosystem of wildlife. Just by walking along the Seven Mile Road where our accommodation stood, it was evident of the wildlife that was present on that short stretch.

A quick read-up prior to the trip got me knowing that fish is abundant along the Coorong, which is why the ecosystem is so rampant there. Fishing is also prohibited for those on vacation there and those that would like to fish along the Coorong would need to have a permit – a way of ensuring that the ecosystem is not too disturbed by vacationers.

The Disconnect

With its rather deserted location, the Coorong Waterfront Retreat allowed us to be partially disconnected from the world with its limited connectivity. With only a few occupied houses along the Seven Mile Road, the road was relatively quiet, with minimal vehicles running through the area. This allowed for nice short walks along the Coorong. along the well-paved road. In the late winter month of August, the walks were cooling and honestly really peaceful. 

Coorong Waterfront Retreat

This trip was planned with the idea of having various experiences, and this relaxing one was definitely one of the more memorable ones. 

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