Instant (noodles) gratification

Instant noodles have long become a common pantry item and many consider it comfort food, especially when traveling overseas. The types of instant noodles also vary significantly, with some focusing on unique flavours while others trying to ensure that their noodles satisfy local cravings. 

Here are three instant noodles which I simply adore. Each has a unique flavour and is good for different occasions. 

Taiwan Man Han Feast’s Beef Noodles –  滿漢大餐牛肉麵

This Taiwanese instant noodles is not a big hit in Taiwan for the locals, but for the international audience, this rendition of the Taiwanese beef noodles is well-enjoyed by many. 

Noodles: Thin, soft and slightly flat

Broth: Instead of a powdered sachet or paste, the beef noodle comes in the form of a sauce 

Ingredients: Together with the sauce comes actual beef cubes that have both lean and fatty meat. A sachet of dried chopped greens also comes with this (I prefer not to add it though!)

On a cold day, or if you are simply looking for a filling, piping-hot bowl of beef noodles that has a kick, this is the way to go. 

Tip: Adding an egg to the soup makes the soup creamy and much richer.

Korea Samyang Spicy Hot Chicken Ramen Noodles

The spicy noodle challenge was a trending challenge all over YouTube a couple of years ago, and as someone who loves spicy food, this was not really a challenge, but a delectable meal. It definitely is on the spicy side with seaweed flakes coming with the package as well.

Noodles: Chewy, thicker than your usual instant noodles, springy (takes slightly longer than most instant noodles to cook)

Broth: This pack of noodles does not come with a soup broth but instead comes with a sachet of spicy sauce. The more sauce you add, the spicier it is, so add it as necessary! You should enjoy the noodles, not suffer through it. 

Ingredients: Seaweed flakes come together with the package but the flavor of the seaweed flakes is overpowered by the spiciness of the sauce. It looks more appetising with the seaweed flakes though!

I have tried the 2x spice version of this noodles and I’ve got to say that this is definitely the milder version – one that can be enjoyed rather than one that makes you suffer. Love this noodles when I’ve got a spicy craving – especially one that has a strong, tangy taste. 

Tip: Add a fried egg, a slice of spam and a slice of cheese to make this a full meal.

Maggi Hot Heads Spicy Goreng

Another form of spicy noodles, the Maggi Hot Heads Spicy Goreng has upped its game from its predecessors. Spicy (Mee) Goreng (which means Spicy Fried Noodles), is famous in Southeast Asia.  Maggi is a household brand that many Asian households grew up with. It has many types of instant noodles ranging from soup-based instant noodles to dry noodles. I first tasted this product in the beginning of 2018, and to date, I haven’t found an instant Mee Goreng as nice as this. 

Noodles: Among my three favourites, this noodles is the most common type – it’s thicker than the Taiwanese noodles, but thinner than the Korean noodles. 

Broth: This pack of noodles is the dry kind, and hence, has no broth. It has, however, powdered seasoning for it. The spice is geared towards the Asian spice, and has a spicy kick to it. 

Ingredients: Pretty insignificant in my opinion, so add your own to make your meal nicer!

While spicy, this brand’s spicy noodles is different to that of the Korean version. It is less tangy and provides a strong flavour. This form of spice is similar to a freshly cooked plate of mee goreng

Tip: Add a fried egg, a slice of spam but cheese is not necessary to bring the spice level down. 

There are many brands of instant noodles out there, and each has a different price point. If I were to rank the cost of each pack of noodles, the Taiwan Man Han Feast’s Beef Noodles is definitely the most expensive one – but there are beef cubes and you do not really have to add additional ingredients to make it a delectable meal. The Korea Samyang Spicy Hot Chicken Ramen Noodles comes next followed by the Maggi Hot Heads Spicy Goreng which is the cheapest of them all.

Are any of your favourites on the list? Do let me know!

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