ScootBiz becomes ScootPlus

Scoot has renamed its ScootBiz offering to ScootPus. According to the Singapore budget airline, the name change seeks to better reflect the product customers will experience on board.

It also states that “ScootPlus is a fuss-free, upsized Scoot experience, equivalent to a Premium Economy product.”

Premium Economy product. This is something that I can fully understand. As a fan of the airline’s ScootBiz, I enjoy the perks and recognise that while there’s a “Biz” tagged at the end, it’s not quite business class. After all, the price of a ScootBiz ticket is often lower than an economy ticket on Singapore Airlines.

But, not everyone interprets it that way. During my flights, I have overheard on occasions other ScootBiz passengers rambling about the lack of amenities, such as complimentary blanket or pillow. They were expecting business class services and disappointed with the lack of amenities.

So the name change may just help to correct any mismatched expectations.

So, what’s in the name change –besides the name change?

For starters, let’s just look at the similarities.

  • Wide premium leather seats with double leg room: This is the main reason why I pick ScootBiz and will choose ScootPlus in the future. The bigger seat width and extra leg room make long-haul travel more comfy.
  • 30 kg check-in baggage: Good for a budget airline and buying loads of goodies home for the return leg.
  • 15 kg cabin baggage: Always good to have more.
  • Choice of meal and beverage, inclusive of alcoholic beverage choices: I actually enjoy Scoot’s meals. To me, nothing beats having chicken rice or nasi lemak after being away for a week or more.
  • Priority check-in and boarding: Yes, it’s great to be able to check-in and board first.
  • In-seat power: Without built-in in-flight entertainment, this helps to keep my mobile devices charged up.

Now, for the difference. ScootPlus comes with 30MB of wifi access. That’s OK for simple email without attachment but certainly not enough for me. Nevertheless, it’s a nice gesture.

What isn’t mentioned is whether in-flight entertainment access code is still provided. ScootBiz used to include an access code for watching in-flight movies on the passenger’s device.

Another unknown is whether there is any price difference.

Overall, I think it’s a wise move for Scoot to rebrand ScootBiz to ScootPlus. I’m looking forward to my next Scoot flight — whenever that may be.

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