Discover your fashion style

If you’ve been wondering where you can get that jacket that the actress wore, look no further because help is at hand. Check out StyleCrush, which has just been rolled out in Singapore.

StyleCrush is a style discovery platform that uses AI technology to let you find clothes and fashion items, including shoes and bags, that caught your attention.

All you need to do is to upload an image or paste a link of the item that you’re looking for and the AI system will connect you to the relevant shopping malls where you can purchase the products conveniently.

You can also create a wish list of the fashion products discovered through the search and place them in an album. It’s like a curation of your tastes where you can come back to and browse at a later date.

The platform is developed by Korea’s Odd Concepts, which is collaborating with Suggesty and Sta1 of Korea, and Qoo10 of Singapore to provide you with a wide variety of fashion styles.

Suggesty is an online mall selling AI-curated Korean designer brands internationally and will share its database and apparels with StyleCrush. Sta1 has more than one million products from over 6,000 brands.

Odd Concepts will work with more fashion and apparel e-commerce partners in Singapore and ASEAN countries to provide consumers with access to a greater variety of fashion styles.

Do check out StyleCrush the next time a fashion item catches your eye.

Zoku stainless steel bottle keeps fluids at the right temperature

IMG_20181019_161722.jpgWater bottles. I’ve an affinity with them since I was a child. Plastic, glass, metal, hybrid, you name it, I’ve got it. In fact, the reason I have so many is because I have the tendency to lose them while young.

Some were lost when I left them behind in a football field or volleyball court while others were forgotten at various spots where I stopped for a bit of fun.

Besides losing them, I was also a specialist in spoiling them — OK, the quality wasn’t quite as good back in my growing up years. The plastic cover will break or leak due to wear and tear — more tear than wear, I figured.

These days, I don’t buy water bottles. People either give them to me or I get them at events.

Last October, I received a water bottle that I really like. The Tiger brand is renowned for its sturdiness and the size was just right for my sling bag.

After nearly a year of use, somehow the top cover gave way and could not be fixed. I was disappointed and for the first time in decades, contemplated buying a replacement.

But, God knew what I needed and at a recent event, I got one. Typically, water bottles given as memento tend to be the cheaper kind — those that end up in storage or being given away to others.

This one was special. The Zoku stainless steel bottle was sturdy and solid. The hallmark of a good water bottle is its ability to keep water or other liquid contents at the same temperature when poured in. And this one excels. The ice remains in solid form even after a day or two and the water is icy cold — my kind of water after a long walk.

Here are five things I like about the Zoku stainless steel bottle:

  1. Nice colours. The range of metallic colours make them suitable for all — men, women, young, and old.
  2. Good build. It feels solid and fits nicely in the palm.
  3. Temperature retention. This is very important. Whether you like it hot or cold, it stays hot for up to 15 hours or cold for up to 70 hours.
  4. Smooth opening. The polished thread-free mouthpiece makes it easy to drink without that feeling of something poking at the mouth.
  5. Easy carrying. The removable paracord lanyard makes it easy to bring the bottle around.

Priced at S$31.90 at Qoo10, it is not overly expensive. What you get is a water bottle that will last and one that you will be proud to carry around.

2-minute facial

LumiSpaI’m not the kind of guy who goes for facials. And I’ve not had one in my life because I don’t feel that I need it.

A week ago, my wife bought me an ageLOC LumiSpa system for our upcoming anniversary. I was tickled because I had wanted to get one for her instead — she beat me to it.

Anyway, because it’s a present from my dearest, I decided to use it.

LumiSpa is easy to use — apply a dab of the cleanser on the silicon head, place it against the face and enjoy the gentle motion.

In fact, LumiSpa is so gentle that I was tempted to press it harder against my face just to be sure that it will exfoliate better. But, there’s no need to do that because the device will pause and vibrate when there’s too much pressure. This safety feature is to protect against damaging the skin.

The total process takes just two minutes — 30 seconds for each quadrant of the face. At the end of each 30-second slot, the head will pause and vibrate so that I can move on to the next quadrant.

The recommendation is to use LumiSpa twice a day — once in the morning and the other at night.

LumiSpa is claimed to “cleanse away dirt, oil, makeup, and toxins, leaving skin smoother and purer while reducing the appearance of pores”. The benefits are supposed to be:

  1. Skin renewal
  2. Skin smoothness
  3. Increased radiance
  4. Refreshed skin
  5. Purified skin
  6. Minimised appearance of pores
  7. Increased appearance of skin volume and density

As a facial nerd, I was not expecting much but this morning, I discovered that a blackhead that I’ve had since my teenage years is no longer there. It’s gone! I remember trying to get rid of that blackhead when I was younger to no success — hence, I left it alone.

But, its disappearance after a week of LumiSpa use has increased my faith in the device.

If you’re in Singapore and keen on getting one, drop me a message and I’ll connect you to my seller. Otherwise, check out the Nuskin site.