Popcorn for (almost) all tastes

Think of popcorn and I think of going to the cinema. Popcorn plus drink and watching a movie go hand in hand. And it conjures a happy feeling because it means a time of relaxation, being entertained and indulging in the snack. When given the opportunity to review The Kettle Gourmet's popcorns, I was expecting … Continue reading Popcorn for (almost) all tastes

On the radar: Mirrorless AI camera for smartphones

Ever wished for a better camera for the smartphone to take nicer photos? While camera capabilities are limited by the phone’s size, startup Photogram is developing an alternative that brings the benefits of the mirrorless camera to the smartphone. Its Alice compact, mirrorless camera is sleek and sports just a shutter button, control wheel and … Continue reading On the radar: Mirrorless AI camera for smartphones