Loving my Nespresso Subscription

Earlier this year, my family and I decided to subscribe to Nespresso’s subscription plan. Priced at $45 a month, the subscription came with $45 credits – which doesn’t seem like a big deal till you find out that the Essenza Mini machine and the Aeroccino (milk frother) are yours for $1.

Essenza Mini + Aeroccino Bundle ($1)

There are many kinds of coffee machines out there, and for coffee-lovers who enjoy the convenience of a Nespresso machine without a loss of coffee quality, the Nespresso machine (and coffee) may be the right one for you!

Here are three main reasons why I love my Nespresso Machine and Coffee:

Convenient and easy to use

As a pretty basic coffee drinker, I previously used my Bialetti Moka pot to brew my coffee. The Nespresso machine makes the entire coffee-making experience so much quicker and more convenient. It is pretty much plug-and-play apart from refilling the water tank and inserting the capsule. (Do remember to descale your machine occasionally!)

Many flavours to choose from

One of the downsides of purchasing ground coffee is that you are stuck with a pretty big bag. Nespresso, however, provides many different types of coffee, and capsules are bought in boxes of 10. It may be slightly more costly but the ability to switch up my coffee daily (and have each cup under $1/capsule) is definitely a plus.

Some of the flavours I fancy include Cocoa Truffle (slightly creamy taste), Cosi (mild, roasted), Ispirazione Roma (stronger taste, roasted), and Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio Decaffeinato (strong – my go-to option for coffee later at night)

The overall experience

The beauty of Nespresso is the overall experience it provides. From the easy order system via the mobile application, to being able to explore new flavours at the physical stores), I really enjoy the experience that goes beyond just the original purchase of the machine.

The convenience of the machine may be one factor, but the coffee and overall service are what draws me to Nespresso. Should I decide to try out other brands of coffee, the Nespresso-compatible option many companies provide also gives me the ability to explore even more types of coffee.


Apart from the coffee machine model I purchased, there are also other types of coffee machines available under the subscription plan.

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, investing in a Nespresso machine may be a good idea so go forth and explore! It’s also interesting to note that not all countries have this subscription plan available

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