#PENANGFINDS: Moody Cow Cafe – Worth the hype?

Moody Cow, based in Georgetown, has probably one of the most costly cakes I’ve seen in Malaysia. But during my vacation to Penang, my family and I decided to give it a shot. After all, how often do we step into Penang? 

We visited the outlet at Gurney Plaza which was conveniently located near the many food establishments on the basement level. The cafe had different types of seats available for customers – from cushioned chairs to regular chairs, the mix gave the place a very interesting (and non-flat) feel. 

Upon entry, we were fascinated by the range of cakes (almost 55 cakes on display when we were there) they offered. The cafe specialises in cheesecakes but their range of cakes went from fruit-based (including jackfruits), to chocolate-based, alcohol-based, and even savoury cakes! 

55 types of cakes! Each cake weighs more than 5kg each.

One of the cakes I had my eyes on was the salted egg yolk cake but it looked a tad too decadent. Also, having just had lunch, we were clearly not able to stomach a slice of cake each. 

One slice of cake? You must be wondering why three grown adults can’t even stomach a single slice. Well, each slice is huge. Almost 500g per slice – equivalent to an average small-sized cake. 

But it does come with a pretty hefty price tag. The slice of cake we ordered was a whopping RM 44 (SGD 14.90). But truth to be told, despite the hefty price tag, the cake was actually pretty good.

A slice of ‘Chocolate Heaven’ and a cup of latte~

We ordered a slice of cake, Chocolate Heaven, and a cup of latte. 

Layers within the cake

The slice of cake had around three to four layers and had chocolate crunch and dark chocolate bits in every layer. The topping was a nice layer of cheese that was topped with nuts (cashew, hazelnut, walnut, macadamia nuts) and bits of Ferrero Roche. 

The cake was nice and moist on the inside and the cheese gave it a slightly tangy and creamy texture to the cake. The nuts were awesome because they gave extra crunch to the cake. 

When we were served, the server explained that the cake was not too cold, hence it could not be served upright. But you get the point, it’s a large cake and it tasted good – so it didn’t really matter whether it was served upright or on its side. 

The latte we ordered was pretty good – nothing to shout out much about but pretty decent. For me, having the latte helped neutralise the sweetness of the cake. 

My family and I enjoyed our afternoon tea here, but is it worth the hype, and will we come back? Maybe –  if we happen to see it because there are many other flavours that we’ve yet to try out. I’ve heard that the tiramisu is pretty good. However, it really is quite pricey for a slice of cake so perhaps for a special occasion. 

Look: 👍👍👍👍
Value: 👍👍
Overall: 👍👍👍

Address: Gurney Plaza, Basement 1, Gurney Dr, Georgetown, 10250 George Town, Penang, Malaysia 
Website: https://www.facebook.com/moodycowpenang 

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