TAICHUNG FINDS: Dolce Luna Gelato and LUHO Home of Puff!

Taiwanese love their sweets – and it is very evident in the number of dessert shops all around the island.

In a recent trip to Taichung, I discovered two shops that serve pretty good desserts!

First up – Dolce Luna Gelato (甜月亮 义大利手作冰淇淋)

Tucked in a corner at Shenji New Village, a craft market and entrepreneurial hub, Dolce Luna Gelato shop prides itself for having handmade Italian-style gelatos.

It serves a variety of gelatos including: strawberry, mango, berries, lemon, yakult, tea, chocolate and baileys flavours. The shop allows customers to taste the gelatos before buying (a plus!).

My friend and I shared the tieguanyin tea and strawberry flavours which tasted amazing.

The tea gelato was strong and creamy, and the mix of bitterness and sweetness in the gelato made it appealing. I would definitely go back just for this flavour again! The strawberry gelato had a light and berry taste (not overly sweet, and not artificial), which my friend absolutely loved. In fact, I was recommended this store because she loved the strawberry gelato from here!

A cup with two scoops of ice cream was around 120 NTD (~S$6) and came with a blue crescent biscuit.

Next up – LUHO Home of Puff

I chanced upon LUHO Home of Puff while walking around Taichung. With a whopping 6000+ reviews on Google with 4.4 stars, I knew I had to give it a shot.

Prices of each cream puff is affordable and the price ranges from 16 – 38 NTD per puff (S$0.8 – 1.9). I ate the taro cream puff (38 NTD) which was honestly pretty small but definitely pleasant. The puff was flavourful and the filling had bits of taro. Do note that some flavours come frozen and the staff will advise if you should wait for a while before eating them.

It is also interesting to note that this shop can also be found at Shenji New Village!

If you’re in Taichung and are looking for some affordable and delicious sweets, I’d highly recommend you drop by this place. Apart from cream puffs, the shop also serves cakes and breads. I’m not too sure on how long each cream puff can be kept, but the frozen ones may be able to be kept for a longer time!


I was elated to have found these two shops in Taichung especially because Taichung is known for its desserts! A previous post on Mi Yue Mochi found in Taipei actually originates from Taichung too!

If you enjoy desserts as much as I do, I’d highly recommend trying out these two shops when in Taichung. You won’t be disappointed!

Dolce Luna Gelato: No. 14, 4弄, Lane 368, Minsheng Rd, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403
LUHO Home of Puff: No. 358, Minsheng Rd, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403

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