Review: Huawei P50 Pocket Premium Edition

The Huawei P50 pocket was released on January 22 in Singapore and many have since drawn a comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Flip3 phone which sports a similar size and design. But what makes this phone stand out?

Huawei P50 Pocket Specifications

Size and weight

Unfolded, the phone is 17 cm (Height) x 7.55 cm (Width) x 0.72 cm (Depth);
Folded, the phone sits at 1.52 cm (Depth);
Screen size at 6.9 inches
Weight: 190 grams


Front camera: 10.7 MP ultra wide angle camera
Rear cameras: 40 MP, 13MP and 32MP cameras (true-chrome, ultra-wide angle, ultra-spectrum camera)


Double-ring design (as compared to the top rectangle on a Samsung Flip3) – one serves as the cover screen, the other, the cameras.

Operating System: EMUI12

How does this phone fare?

I tested the phone for a couple of days and here are my true thoughts:


The phone stays true to its name – Pocket. Its pocket size makes it an extremely convenient phone to carry around. Yet, while small, the 6.9-inch flexible OLED panel allows for a stunning 21:9 aspect ratio that is perfect for viewing videos.


The cameras are solid. With a 40MP true-chroma camera with a sensor that’s powered by AI, the colours that appear on the image are striking (especially with the OLED screen).

Short Video with Vibrant Colours

Selfies are neat to take as it folds up nicely and photos can be taken even when folded. What stunned me most was the low-light image capturing. This image was captured with all the lights off and the amount of detail it managed to capture was stunning.

Unique technology – sunscreen detection

It has an unique sunscreen detection technology that (I’ve no idea how) detects if your sunscreen is evenly spread across your face. It reminds me of the skin test machine they use in beauty shops and this feature can be activated via the mirror application on the cover screen. It is honestly a very neat feature!

When used, the bottom left camera lights up. One’s full face must be within the frame for it to work.

The battery can surprisingly last quite a long time! With the amount of tech that goes into this phone, I was surprised that the 4,000 mAh battery could last a good six hours with very heavy usage. Not too sure if it’s because I used the cameras quite a bit, but the phone heated up on some occasions (including when charging).

Operating system

I have never used a device with a Huawei OS before and I was honestly impressed with it though the lack of Google services may turn some people off. But the key applications used in a phone (including maps, app store) are available in this phone. The overall OS look-and-feel is similar to that of an Android phone and from my understanding, if you use another device that utilises the Huawei ecosystem, it has the same convenient features the Apple ecosystem is – one will probably just need to get used to it.

Final Thoughts

This is a great phone. In terms of specifications, I’ve to say that this to me, is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Flip3 (a family member uses it and I’ve got quite a good feel of the Flip too). The Pocket’s easy-to-use, fits nicely in my palm, and has fantastic cameras that I think are on par with the Flip.

The unique design on the phone is also very different from the generally flat, smooth-surface phones and the design gives it a nice edge over the Flip. The OS needs a bit of getting used to but in terms of the quality of the entire phone. This is one solid phone.

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