One of those EUREKA moments!

Continuing from my previous post where I introduced Amazin’ Graze’s nut mixes, here’s another article on a similarly amazing Southeast Asian snack brand – Eureka!

If you’re a fan of popcorn, you’ve definitely heard of Garrett’s Popcorn from the US where each popped corn is amazingly tasty, fresh and delish. However, the brand Eureka may not be familiar to some but the localized taste of it is something that attracts.

This Malaysian snack company, Eureka snacks, prides itself in its distinct flavours that appeal to Southeast Asians. Each popcorn is lightly coated with the seasoning of choice and here are just but some of the flavours I’ve tasted myself and a quick summary of it.

  1. Original Sea Salt: The best in my opinion – one popcorn gives you both the sweet and salty taste and each of the flavours do not overpower each other. This is the kind of popcorn that’ll get you coming back for more.)
  2. Caramel: Not as rich as Garrett’s, and there’s just a light coating over each popcorn. However, I like it as it is not too sweet and leaves a refreshing taste.
  3. Cheese: Salty cheese powder but has a hint of sweetness to it. Not every popcorn is equally coated but is addictive nonetheless. A mix of Eureka’s cheese and caramel popcorn will give you a very mild and light flavour as compared to Garrett’s Chicago mix
  4. Seaweed: If you’re a fan of seaweed, this may appeal to you. The seaweed powder taste is similar to that of a lighter version of McDonald’s seaweed shaker fries powder but with an additional hint of sweetness.
  5. Sour Cream and Onion: I know people who absolutely love it and those that gets mixed feelings while eating it. I fall into the latter category as sour cream and onion should be for potato chips, not popcorn! My sibling really loves this flavour though – it’s the only flavour I buy for her when I’m at a store.
  6. Wasabi: In my latest purchase, I decided to buy the can version (smaller one) of this flavour and I was.. less than satisfied by it. The wasabi taste is similar to the wasabi nuts flavoured powdered wasabi but the mix of it with popcorn just screams strange. If you really like wasabi, however, do give it a try!

Eureka popcorn is getting more popular, with a shop set up in Singapore’s Jewel as well. However, if you’re crossing the causeway anytime to Malaysia, do buy it in Malaysia as it is almost a third the price there (due to currency conversion).

Southeast Asian snack companies are really coming up, and if you’re visiting Southeast Asia, I strongly recommend picking a few flavours to bring back as gifts. The localized flavours are something that you probably will not get back home!

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