Festive snacks that come and go!

Introducing to you… a seasonal product that is off the shelves at the moment, but I believe will come back (and should come back!).

Christmas Edition!

The frosted cinnamon nut mix by Amazin’ Graze consists of crunchy pecans, almonds and pepitas that are warmly glazed with cinnamon and sweet molasses. This delectable combination of nuts is the result of a Christmas special Amazin’ Graze product that was sold in the 2019 festive season.

Though not a fan of cinnamon, I was excited to have received this product as a gift last year as I’ve long heard of this brand. True to what I’ve heard, the nuts in this product are fresh and crisp – not your soggy, hard nuts – and with the sweet molasses, gave a very refreshing flavour.  The cinnamon was not over-powering, and the overall product was not too sweet, making it really appealing.

Nut clusters

Each nut cluster was covered in an even coat of sweet molasses mixture which were not too hard (think light caramel crisps). With a light coat, and crunchy nut clusters, this product can easily be consumed.

Founded in Malaysia, Amazin’ Graze began in 2015 and expanded into Singapore in 2016. Apart from nut mixes, the company also carries granola and nut-butters in its stores. Flavours are non-conventional and are tailored to the taste buds of us in Southeast Asia!

The company is known to make products that are healthy and unique. Here are some of the unique nut mix flavours they carry:

  • Pandan Coconut
  • Coconut Curry Lime
  • Tom Yum Kaffir Lime
  • Zesty Maple Glaze

In addition, their granola mixes look tempting and I’ll probably give it a shot soon! They deliver to many countries but have physical stores selling their products in both Malaysia and Singapore. You can check out their products here.

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