Earning credits one survey at a time!

Have you ever googled ways to earn money by doing surveys? I’ve personally done it myself, but I’ve never really succeeded in building my survey bank in order to get cash-outs. A friend of mine recently recommended Google Opinion Rewards which is rather interesting.

Upon downloading the application, you’ll be asked to answer some simple questions on your demographics – as the range is pretty wide, I personally feel that it’s not too private to share.

There isn’t a constant list of surveys to do, but when a survey is available, it will appear on your task list on the main page. Each survey has around two to four questions and do not require lots of thinking and understanding. These questions can range from behavioural questions to advertisements recently seen. For 20 to 30 seconds of your time to fill in a single survey, you can be awarded some credits which can add up – I’ve just been onboarded this application and taken three surveys, earning SGD $0.87 – that’s almost SGD $0.30 per survey that didn’t require much of my time!

For Android users, credits earned will be in the form of Google Play Store credits. This allows you to purchase applications within the Play Store and is pretty neat. Credits can be stored for a year and the transaction history can be seen via the application. For iOS users, pay-out is via PayPal – but you’ll need to hit a certain amount before being able to withdraw the cash.

While the cash-out isn’t too much per survey, this application is a simple way of earning some cash, and the little amount can eventually grow. In addition, the user interface is straight-forward and easy to use. I’m enjoying the use of the application so far, but I sure hope that more surveys come my way! Are there any other survey applications that you are using that you’d like to recommend?

Google Opinion Rewards on Android can be found here.

Google Opinion Rewards on iOS can be found here.

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