A meal that gives back

There has been an increased awareness of supporting inclusion in Singapore which has urged many employers and employees to step up in providing support and opportunities for individuals with special needs. Singapore has built a strong momentum to ensure that these individuals are not neglected and are provided with avenues to support themselves. One way an average consumer like us can do our part is by dining at Professor Brawn Cafe.

Birthed by Mr and Mrs Roland Tay in the late 2000s, Professor Brawn Cafe is a cafe that keeps the spirit of supporting inclusion alive. This cafe was set up with the purpose of training individuals with special needs on-the-job F&B-related skills as well as to serve as a cafe that employs these individuals, allowing them to earn their keep. As time went by, the couple decided to gift the cafe to the Autism Resource Centre, where the café is now further focused on allowing even more individuals with special needs to be trained and employed.

There are currently three Professor Brawn cafes across Singapore at Raffles Institution, Enabling Village and Pathlight School.

Each cafe serves a range of mains, desserts and snacks that appeals to both the young and the old. Having visited their first branch in Novena back in the days of old, I am constantly appealed by the good ol’ Rosti that is on par with Marché’s. Food is freshly prepared and other than the Rosti, the grilled chicken with truffle sauce and fish and chips are also great mains served here. If you enjoy thick and creamy mushroom soup, you may want to give it a shot!

The Pathlight School branch of the cafe (the one I’ve most recently visited) is well-decorated, with comfortable seating and good ambience. On an average day, you should be able to find ample seats. Service by the staff is good but do be patient as they are still learning on the job! If you are driving, there is parking at the Pathlight School branch in the evenings and paid parking at the Enabling Village branch.

It may just be a simple meal to you but by coming to Professor Brawn, you are allowing the employees to put their skills into practice. Through your interaction with them, you are empowering them with the confidence that can allow them to further attain F&B jobs. More than just a meal, you will be supporting the cafe that is constantly seeking to be that platform for these individuals with special needs.

Professor Brawn takes reservations and is a great place to hold corporate events as well! More information can be found on their website and Facebook page.  

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