Magic MOGICS Power Bagel

MOGICS power bagel is an award-winning extension cord that is able to charge six devices at once. With two USB ports and four universal adapters placed in a circular shape, this power bagel is a nifty gadget to have, especially when traveling.


  • 92 cm extension cord
  • 2 USB Ports – 2A if one is used, 1A each when both are used
  • 4 Universal Adapters – Circular shape ensures that even with chargers that have large charging heads, they still can be used simultaneously
  • 1 Universal Plug – Embedded in the middle of the bagel, the universal plug can be used in countries that do not use the US head.


On my recent trip to Taipei, I used the power bagel which allowed me to charge multiple devices at once, and I really enjoyed the use of it. 

Compared to the usual extension cord I usually bring around, this palm-size cord allows me to carry it in my carry-on bag rather than my luggage bag, allowing easy access to it even when in airports and cafes. With the four convenient universal adapters, it’s easy to charge devices that have different heads, without the need for other adapters.

It was especially handy at the end of the day when I had to charge my laptop, phone, fitbit watch, portable charger, and bluetooth earphones. All could be charged with a single power socket and the power bagel. 

However, while I really enjoy the use of the power bagel, there are a few points I’m slightly unhappy about. 

The universal plug provided seems to be a bit flimsy, and with poor instructions on how to use it, chances of breaking it are high, especially when trying to use the UK adapter. In addition, the head of the power bagel also seems a bit loose, and while I am able to secure it by force, I am constantly afraid brute force may ultimately cause me to break it. But as of now, the power bagel is still holding up well!

MOGICS power bagel is definitely a handy must-have travel item that I’d recommend to all travelers. While it does have a high price point, the convenience it brings definitely makes it worth-it. 

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