Planning for a trip doesn’t have to be stressful!

Have you ever tried planning for a holiday, not knowing where to start? Here are three ways to begin planning for a trip.

Find itineraries off the Internet, including package trips

Many people turn to google to explore itineraries and I think that it is always a good start to see how others have planned theirs. Many times, they’ll input their experiences and notes on each attraction which are very good points to consider. In addition, these itineraries are usually catered to specific groups of people and if you happen to be one that does not fall into a specific group, you can easily mix and match itineraries to your advantage.

Another way to plan for your trip is to look at how tour agencies package their itineraries. While they may not reveal a detailed itinerary, it is helpful to look at the main attractions they have highlighted as these itineraries are often planned with their customers in mind, and they know what customers will appreciate. Should you like their itineraries as well, and you’d like to have a land package instead of planning your free and easy trip, you can easily enquire on their services as well.

Look at sites like Klook or Kkday for inspiration

As I am one who like to plan for free and easy trips (you get to control your itinerary), I enjoy exploring sites like Klook and Kkday for inspiration on major attractions. These online platforms often form partnerships with local attractions to get reasonable tickets for customers. Also, their review system on their platform allows customers alike to leave their reviews on these attractions that can benefit others. 

Summary of destination by Klook

Klook, in particular, provides a summary of the country that you are looking to visit, including the best time to visit and local weather. This provides a quick view on what to expect in the country. For each destination, Klook provides telco, local attractions, experiences and travel options for every budget. With most of the items purchased coming in the form of e-tickets, it also makes tracking of expenses convenient.

Pin attractions on your Google Maps

Apart from browsing itineraries and looking at platforms like Klook and Kkday, it is always good to pin attractions that you are interested in on your Google Maps. While the attractions may not be on your planned itinerary, from past experiences, it is good to have them as reference. Pinned attractions can include recommended restaurants, cultural experiences, or parks and gardens.

On my recent trip to South Australia, I had pinned many locations on my Google Maps, just for reference. During the trip, I realized that these pinned attractions were useful especially when I had finished going to the attractions on my planned itinerary. Similarly, I have many pinned locations in Taipei and I eventually take time to explore these starred places.  

Pinned attractions on Google Maps in Taipei

Planning for a trip may be time consuming but definitely rewarding – so take time and research on the places before you trip to allow you to get the most out of it!

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