Juice for your devices!

With some vouchers on-hand earlier this year, I decided to purchase the iWalk Scorpion X Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank (12000 mAh). Having a similar 8000 mAh one at home, I figured that the 12000 mAh version will come power-packed, and it did not disappoint!

This power bank is fast charging, allowing me to charge my device quickly from 40% to 100% in less than an hour. Considering my heavy utilization of my phone when I’m on the move, having a fast charging power bank is always a plus. In addition, it stores enough juice to recharge a full mobile device four times. When traveling in a group, the juice capacity definitely is a perk as it ensures that you still have enough power to charge your device after allowing others to charge it over a day. 

From the name of the device, the scorpion, it is not hard to notice why it got its name. With three cables attached to the power bank, it allows one to charge multiple devices (with different ports) – charging cables include the USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning cables. It has a USB head to allow charging of the power bank with a wall plug or even your laptop. I particularly liked this feature as I am not required to bring additional cables to charge my power bank.

The power bank is approximately the size of an iPhone 11, and has a very sleek design. One side of it has a checkered and seemingly anti-scratch surface. As a 12000 mAh device, it is without doubt heavier than its 8000 mAh counterpart but still falls within an acceptable weight to carry around. 

A small flaw this power bank has, in my opinion, is that it does not contain a USB port. With many devices that do not utilize the usb-c, micro USB and lighting types, the lack of the USB port prevents me from charging other types of devices, much to my dismay.

Despite the small flaw, I would definitely recommend the purchase of this iWalk Scorpion Power Bank if you are looking for a power-packed charger! You can find it here

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