The Blossom lounge experience

Changi Airport has won various awards and many of its amenities are highly raved by both local and international audiences on how pleasant the airport experience is. Hence, I was never really curious on how airport lounges were, especially in Changi Airport. During my most recent trip, I departed from Changi Airport Terminal 4 and decided to drop by Blossom Lounge in the transit area just for the experience. 

Compared to other lounges overseas, Blossom lounge was considerably emptier. With ample private, booth and table seating, passengers had the luxury of choosing an area they were comfortable with. The common seating area had power points available, making it easy for passengers to recharge their devices on-the-go.   

Now let’s talk about the food spread. Similar to other lounges, Blossom lounge offered warm dishes, including Singapore Laksa and Vegetarian Noodles. I would definitely have gone for the laksa if I weren’t too full as a hot soupy dish can help warm the stomach well before a flight. I went ahead with a small snack of cheese and crackers though – not much options for cheese, but this was pretty good.   

The drinks section was in a far corner of the lounge, and I actually missed it while in search of drinks. I had only seen apple and orange juice dispensers near the cereal bar and wondered why options were so limited in the lounge. Upon further exploration, I was contented to see the fridge filled with drinks from local brand “Yeo’s” – always happy to see local lounges promoting local products. For those that like to drink before a flight for a better sleep, there are alcohol options here as well.

Blossom lounge also has shower facilities which upon entering the lounge, you should seek a staff member’s assistance in getting a slot for the shower. Wifi is also available in the lounge, but if you forget to ask for the password, you can just hook on to the free Changi Wifi as the connection speed is similar.

Blossom lounge is honestly pretty good – it’s quiet, spacious and most importantly, provides the comfort you need before a flight. Do remember to constantly check the TV screens for your flight information as Changi Airport is a silent airport!

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