Airbnb surprises

Travelling has not been the same for me and my family since the advent of Airbnb in 2008. While there have been horror stories of staying in such accommodation, my experience so far has been positive.

Over the years, I have stayed in Airbnb in a number of cities across four continents — Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States. I’m often amazed by the homes and feel honoured to be able to experience living in a real home instead of hotels.

As someone who is unlikely to use a five-star hotel’s facilities, I’ve found that Airbnb accommodation meets my needs best.

During our trip to China in December, my family spent time in Airbnb homes in Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai — and each came with surprises that thrilled us. These are not expensive accommodation, just homes that cost less than S$100 per night — which is really affordable for our family of four adults.

Our criteria were:

  1. Location: Close proximity to public transport and eateries
  2. Privacy: No shared apartment, please. We value our privacy.
  3. En suite bathroom/toilet: For convenience and comfort.
  4. Big enough for four adults: There must be enough beds for all of us and space for us to maneuver. 
  5. Clean: Read reviews to find out what others say.
  6. Wifi: Staying connected is crucial for us but do note that there is a firewall in China.
  7. Washing machine: So that we do not need to bring too much luggage as space is needed for our purchases.
  8. Air-conditioner/heater: Depending on the weather, it is needed to make the room more cosy.
  9. Within budget: We were looking at S$100 per room per night.

After checking out dozens that seemed to match our requirements, we read reviews and dropped messages to ask those who listed for clarifications. 

Let me share a little about what surprised us at each of those that we finally decided on.

In Suzhou, we stayed in a mixed development complex with malls on the lower levels and homes/offices higher up. 


Leveraging the benefit of its height, this loft apartment came with a projection system and four cinema seats. We could have caught movies using the entertainment system but there was a 50-inch flat screen TV on the lower level that makes it more conducive for watching.


Our Hangzhou apartment also came with a XGIMI projector that produces crisp images and great sound. But what really stood out from this loft unit was the furnishing on the upper level. A rocking lounge by the window provides a cosy setting for reading a book, catching a nap or watching the happenings outside. At that level were also a table and two chairs that’s perfect for tea and a children’s tent with toys. This unit is very family friendly.


After two loft units, our Shanghai rental home was entirely different. Set in a 1950s building, it is located a short walk from the Bund. The room was a stark contrast to the building’s facade. It was tastefully done up in a modern style with two queen-sized bed. But what really stood out for me was the spotlights on the ceiling of the bathroom. In cold wintry conditions, this brought so much warmth us when we were taking a bath. In fact, when we were cold after a trip out, we just stood there to heat up.


One thing that all three homes had in common was the kettle. The nondescript white kettle is big, functional and especially useful in winter. 

These three homes continue to build on an enjoyable streak for us in our travels. My family and I simply love staying at such accommodation — for the reasonable price and experience.

Here are a few tips on choosing an Airbnb stay:

  1. Determine your criteria: Decide on your budget and requirements.
  2. Review each unit carefully: Look at the photos and description.
  3. Read reviews: What others say matters a lot but do consider the nationalities of the reviewers as well as they may have different expectations from yours. For instance, while some may find food in the vicinity too spicy, it may be just what you like if you’re from Southeast Asia.
  4. Ask questions: When in doubt, message those who listed. They are usually very accommodating and would answer questions promptly. And if they don’t get back in a timely manner, that may just be the signal for you to reconsider.

The joy of travelling is in the experience. And the right accommodation can set the right tone for an enjoyable trip.


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