Cremia ice cream on my mind

Cremia.jpgEver had a taste that lingers on your tongue and mind long after you’ve eaten something? For me, it was the memory of a creamy ice cream that I ate in Osaka in December 2017.

Though a year has past, the thought of that smooth, rich Creamia ice cream that I bit into on a cold winter’s day on the grounds of Osaka Castle is still firmly etched on my mind.

Imagine my thrill when the corner of my mind caught a sign that read “Cremia” in a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Sun Moon Light Center in Shanghai.

It wasn’t only me but my family as well as we all shared that moment in Osaka — strange as it may sound, but somehow Cremia and winter became synonymous after that Osaka experience.

As we were a little full, we made a mental note that we will eat the dessert another day.

No joy
That day came very soon — the next day in fact (guess we just couldn’t wait) — and we decided to check out one of the KFC outlets located along Nanjing East Road. To our disappointment, it was not available there. What’s more befuddling is that the staff doesn’t know about that ice cream either.

A check with two other KFC outlets along that stretch yielded similarly fruitless result.

We were devastated but decided that we must have our Cremia fix even if we have to return to that outlet in Sun Moon Light Center.

Visual contact
Thankfully, the wait wasn’t long as we found what we were looking for at a KFC outlet along Guan Quan Shopping Street in Suzhou.

Guan Qian Shopping Street.jpg

This time, we bought and ate it on the spot and the ice cream tasted just as we remembered — heavenly!

Cremia is a premium soft serve ice cream made from fresh cream from Hokkaido. Its rich flavour delivers a full-bodied mouth feel, making each bite a delight and leaving a great after-taste.

Priced at 25 yuan (about S$5), it’s a little pricey for a take-away cone but this is no ordinary ice cream nor cone. The cone is made of cookie and crispy yet soft for a comfortable bite.

Since that first treat, we managed to have it twice more during our trip, including buying one from a KFC outlet along Nanjing East Road, just one hop from the last one that did not carry it.

Original better
At one of the stops, we tried the chocolate version which is not exactly chocolate ice cream but vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate powder. That takes some getting used to because all of us choked when we bit into the chocolate-powdered portion — the powder just ran down our throats. The chocolate also adulterates the vanilla flavour.

Hands down — our preference is the original vanilla version.

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