Rewarding switch from iPhone 7 Plus to OnePlus 6T

sideviewHaving just moved from an iPhone 7 Plus to the OnePlus 6T, I have to say that the migration process was a difficult one because of the different operating systems. I attempted various methods – back-ups, free transfer software and even chat exports – but not all my data managed to be transferred over.

Aside from this porting hiccup, the shift to OnePlus 6T has been a rewarding one. The Shenzhen-made device is a gem and comes with features that I really like.

  1. Super fast: Without a bloated OS, the OnePlus 6T provides a quick boost when the phone needs a restart. I’m not a gamer but a fast phone always has its perks – downloading, uploading with media running concurrently in the background do not slow down the phone, nor does it heat up. These features were often caused my iPhone 7 Plus to lag.
  2. Sensitive sensors: As one who has played around with the OnePlus 6 as well, I have to say that while I miss the fingerprint at the back of the phone, the on-screen fingerprint sensor is pretty neat. This feature, coupled with the facial recognition feature, serves as an alternative when attempting to unlock the phone. Of course, remember to have a dry screen and finger when using the fingerprint feature as the sensor is a tad insensitive when in contact with water.
  3. Flexible modes: The reading mode provides an intuitive way of reading with colour and brightness adjustments. Making the screen black/white is much easier on the eyes when read content (especially content without pictures). Brightness will also be set to auto when this mode is activated making it gentler on the eyes in whatever environment you’re in.The gaming mode, when activated, can provide several features that may disrupt an ongoing game. Notifications, answering calls via speaker and the disabling of automatic brightness also can be set accordingly and these features can enhance your gaming experience further.
  4. Long battery life: The battery life of the phone is neat with a full charge (on high usage) lasting more than 24 hours (media playing and social media tracking) and is definitely one of the perks of this phone. The fast charger also charges the phone in about an hour from 0 to 100 percent.
  5. Intuitive camera features: The rear camera serves as a useful camera, with features like the pro mode (provides guides on angling photos) and the night mode. The pro mode provides an opportunity for users to manually adjust the ISO, white balance and shutter speeds, which is useful for those who have an eye for photography. However, for an individual like me, the auto modes are sufficient and the pro mode is used mainly for photo angling guides.
    day photoThe night mode is something that has improved from the OnePlus 6 to OnePlus 6T but as an individual without steady hands on the camera, a slight movement causes an awfully blur image. A tip I’ve learnt is that there is a g-camera app somewhere out there which I may install someday – perhaps it will be a feature that raises the quality of my night photos!Night Photo.jpgAll in all, I’m glad to be back to the Android family and the OnePlus 6T has definitely boosted my Android experience.


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