Himalaya Salt candy is so addictive!

Himalaya Salt.jpgLast October, I was given a pack of sports candy called Himalaya Salt. As it was new to me, I tried it and got hooked by its combination of mint, sweetness, sourness and saltiness.

While there was a longing for more, I forgot about it over time — until my daughter told me about a sweet that she discovered while on a trip to Malaysia a few months ago. From her description, I guessed that it was the forgotten Himalaya Salt.

Turns out that this is a Malaysian product that is highly popular — it was sold out when my daughter tried to buy in from the shops near her hotel.

Everyone we offered the candy to loved it! Seems that some have tried it before but didn’t know where to buy it.

Thankfully, I found it available online in Shopee. OK, the price range was higher than in Malaysia but it beats having to make a trip up north.

After ordering a couple of boxes (12 per box), I found out that Teck Leong Lee Kee, a wholesale candy shop in Bedok in Singapore is selling it at close to Malaysia price.

If you’ve not tried the Himalaya Salt mint candy yet, do give it a shot. It’s refreshingly good and very addictive too!




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