Easy nail clipping

LED Nail Clippers with Magnifying Glass.jpgOn my trip to Don Quijote in Osaka, one of the products that caught my attention was a LED nail clipper with magnifying glass.

It was one of a handful of products among the large number straddled over the building that got me to give a second look.

The challenge was that it was located on the door of the cashier’s counter so I had to ease out of the way a few times while the cashier moved in and out of her counter.

But, the clipper was too interesting to skip. It came with a LED light so that one can clip nail even in poor lighting condition or at night. It also had a magnifying glass so that one can get a better view while cutting nail.

After deliberating for a bit, mainly because of the 1,450-yen price tag, I decided to get two — one to use and the other as a gift.

Before using it, I had to pop in two batteries for the LED light.

The clipper is easy to use, sharp and the light and magnifying glass makes it perfect for those who’ve crossed the 40-mark.

As a bonus, there’s a file at the base of the clipper to smoothen the clipped nail.

Overall, it’s a good buy. If you’re interested, you can get it at Don Quijote Online.

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