A million items in one shop

Don Quijote in Dotonburi
Don Quijote in Dotonburi

Singaporeans greeted the opening of Don Quijote in Singapore with frenzy early this month. It was named Don Don Donki to avoid confusion with a restaurant bearing the same name.

Not one who enjoys shoving with the crowd, I decided to give it a miss.

A week later, I was in Japan and there were Don Quijote outlets in various places that I visited. I found time to spend a bit longer at two of their outlets in Dotonburi in Osaka.

The shops are huge and packed to the brim, reminding me of Mustafa’s in Singapore. Spread over six or seven levels, the outlets offer lots of stuff — from clothing and bags to snacks and household appliances. It even has new and used branded goods — Coach, Louis Vuitton and the likes — for sale.

Perhaps the best part of shopping there is the tax-free on top of its low prices. That’s like having your cake and eating it. But, do be prepared to queue for the tax refund because the place is filled with tourists.

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