FIFA World Museum – Are you game for it?

FIFA World Museum – Are you game for it?

Are you a huge football fan? Regardless of whether you are, or aren’t, the FIFA World Museum is a must-visit in Zurich. As the only FIFA World Museum in the world, this museum gives every visitor a great insight on how it was established and how it has progressed over years.

Upon entry, you will be greeted with a wall that displays the entire history of FIFA and honestly, it can be a tad underwhelming. However, upon entering the exhibition on the lower level, you will be able to learn a lot more on FIFA. From the signing and inauguration of FIFA, to the trophy on display, the first exhibit on the lower level provides a lot of information on FIFA’s beginnings. Detailed documents are also on display here.

FIFA World Museum – Trophy

The next area is sectioned in a way where both the Men’s FIFA history and Women’s FIFA history are displayed. It showcases the winning team from each year since its establishment and for those that follow the FIFA World Cup, it definitely brings back great memories!

Apart from the history of FIFA, the museum also has exhibits where visitors can feel the difference in the types of footballs that have been used over the years. Did you know? The football of the past was so much heavier than the current football that is used today. In addition, the type of shoes has also been modified significantly since its beginnings. From 1920 to 2014, both the football and shoes have definitely moved on with the times!

FIFA World Museum – Feel the difference!

What I really like about the museum is that there are many interactive activities.

A photo booth is available at the lower level which allows families to take photos together. In this photo booth, one is able to take a photo that showcases the stadium in which the FIFA world cup was held. (i.e. Wembley Stadium in England). One is able to get the photos sent to their email address and is definitely a pleasant token to have.

FIFA World Museum – Sports Commentator Booth

There is also a booth which allows one to learn how to be a sports commentator, with scripts available for one to practice. Upon trying, we realized that one really needs skill to be a sports commentator!

A dance booth is also available – one might ask – why a dance booth? In every FIFA match, there is bound to have a dance – be it a pre-match cheer or a dance upon scoring a goal. A motion-sensor dance area thus provides one to learn these dances and to have fun!

FIFA World Museum – Stadium Seats

A small cinema that provides a pretty panoramic view also showcases a brief history of FIFA, and the waiting area to enter the cinema is set-up with replicas of chairs from stadiums that hosted the FIFA globally!


There are many other interactive activities in this FIFA museum, and I would definitely recommend everyone to take a half-day to explore this place. From learning about the different elements in FIFA posters to FIFA anthems over the years, this museum definitely showcases how football can really bring people together – and that’s pretty amazing!

FIFA World Museum – Video Preview (Turn your audio on!)

Getting to Liechtenstein from Zurich

Getting to Liechtenstein from Zurich

Just to the east of Switzerland lies the country of Liechtenstein. This small country has a population of just under 40,000 citizens and is one of the world’s richest countries per capita!

On a recent trip to Switzerland, my family and I decided to take a trip to Liechtenstein’s – Vaduz, but honestly speaking, there weren’t many sites that provided detailed information on the country and on how to get there. Hence, here’s a quick guide on the most straight-forward way on getting there by public transport and some tips!

  1. From Zurich Main Station, hop on the train that is in the direction of Chur. Train runs pretty regularly in hourly intervals and the journey is just under an hour.
  2. Get off at the second stop – Sargans
  3. Walk towards bus stop – Sargans, Bahnhof, Stand B
  4. Take bus 12E in the direction of Vaduz – Post. This bus ride brings you across the border from Switzerland to Liechtenstein. This friendly border is peppered with some flags on each side that is seemingly not heavily guarded. 
  5. Get off at the terminal station
From Sargans to Vaduz

Liechtenstein is a very quiet country, and the directions to Vaduz provided above brings you to the ‘touristy-centre’ of the capital. Here, you can drop by the Centro de información turística de Liechtenstein, or essentially, the Tourist Information stop where you can request for a tourist map that plots the various attractions in Vaduz. 

More information to come on the various attractions I visited during the trip soon!

Swiss Travel Pass – The One-Stop Pass You’ll Need!

Swiss Travel Pass – The One-Stop Pass You’ll Need!

If you’ve been to Switzerland before, you’d know that traveling around the country is not cheap. Food, entrance to attractions, shopping and transportation – all these add up to quite a hefty sum! However, with careful planning, you may be able to take advantage of the Swiss Travel Pass!

On a recent trip to Switzerland, my family made use of the Swiss Travel Pass which we purchased from Klook. Here are some of the perks of using the Swiss Travel Pass:

Free entrance to many attractions around the country

From the FIFA World Museum in Zurich to the International Red Cross Museum in Geneva, the Swiss Travel Pass provides complimentary access to these museums! Entrance to the FIFA World Museum costs CHF 24 (~SGD $33) while entrance to the International Red Cross museum sets you back by CHF 15 (~SGD $21).

Entrance to two museums in Liechtenstein was also covered by the pass – Liechtenstein National Museum at CHF 10 (~SGD $14) and the Treasure Chamber Liechtenstein at CHF 8 (~SGD $11).

Access to some of the best train trips (albeit almost all train rides are covered by this pass!)

The Swiss Travel Pass covers almost all the costs of public transport across Switzerland. From the Golden Pass Line to the Glacier Express and Bernina Express (three of the top five scenic train routes in Switzerland), the Swiss Travel Pass covers the cost of the train ride (less the reservation fees).

Scenery on Golden Pass Line

These special train routes cut through the mountainous regions of the country and have special trains that is unlike others. The panoramic trains provide great views through its clear windows, giving you a great unblocked view of the scenery, you’re passing through!

Eliminating the hassle of purchasing tickets

Purchasing tickets is not difficult in Switzerland, but it can be quite a hassle. Considering that the Swiss Travel Pass only requires you to present your ticket when the train conductor comes, there will be no need for you to purchase the tickets individually before every trip you make! In addition, each city in Switzerland has a different style of ticket purchase – in Zurich, bus tickets can be bought at bus stops while in Montreux, bus tickets are bought on the bus itself.

Swiss Travel Pass Ticket

Purchasing the Swiss Travel Pass thus provides a one-stop ticket that allows you to take the public transport freely without having to consider the cost and the steps of purchasing these tickets. Catching trains at their appropriate times can be hard, but with the Swiss Travel Pass, the stress of purchasing tickets is greatly reduced.


I was really thrilled to have bought the tickets though the initial set-back cost was really high at CHF 418 (~ SGD $576) for the consecutive eight-day pass. While I only used seven of the eight days, upon breakdown of the costs, I realized that I had already recovered the cost of it all by the sixth day.

For its convenience and flexibility, I would say that the Swiss Travel Pass is a must-buy! It may not be the cheapest option, but it definitely is the most convenient and useful pass to have.

Swiss Travel Passes can be bought for both 1st and 2nd class (2nd class is honestly very comfortable already), and in a specific number of days-form or consecutive days-form. You can purchase it from Klook here (not sponsored).