Just a quick list of some great shows!

Circuit breaker, Phase 1, and finally Phase 2. Singapore has evolved so much the past couple of months, and something I’m glad that I had throughout these few months is Netflix. 

Netflix has been really amazing, and here are some shows that I’d highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for exciting shows to watch. 

The Blacklist – A highly-sought after criminal unveils different criminals as he works closely with the FBI. Each episode has a pretty thrilling storyline, with an underlying suspense on his relationship with one of the FBI staff. This series that begun in 2013 just completed its seventh season, with the eighth slated to come in 2020.

I’d give it a solid 9/10 for its plot.

Fast and Furious 6, 7 and 8 – While the fast and furious series always has got to do with the crew capturing people or items while in their fast cars, each series highlights the significance of family, friends and relationships – which makes this series especially heart-warming at times.

I’d give it a 7.5/10 for its thrill and storyline, but the storyline is pretty much predictable so…

21 – Set in MIT, a student who needs $300,000 is tempted by his lecturer to join a team that spends their weekends at Vegas on.. taking chances. The story talks about how the humble student took the chance, made big bucks, lost two of his great friends due to his greed and how all the money got stolen from him. The plot really has many highs and lows, which makes it interesting, and at the same time, you could feel the emotions of the main character as you watched along.

I’d give it a 8/10 as it was an unusual story yet fun (most gambling-related movies are usually on adults, not so much on students!)

So here’s a quick brief on some of the hits I’ve found on Netflix this COVID-19 season. 

Hope everyone’s staying safe and well!

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