Samsung T5: No more storage woes

Light and lightning fast

Digital storage is so important in today’s world. With digitisation and digitalisation, many things are now stored in soft copy — from data and documents to photos and videos.

When my WD portable hard disk drive (HDD) started acting wonky last year, my heart began working overtime. My work, life and family stuff were all stored in that drive. Thankfully, my notebook computer had another set of the contents. Otherwise, I would have been in some hospital’s emergency ward.

Having survived the ordeal, I decided not to take any chance and began scouting for an alternative portable HDD. My search ended with the Samsung Portable SSD T5 (1TB), which I managed to buy from At S$169, it was a bargain that I could not pass up.

Guess what? After ordering the SSD, I managed to revive and reformat my old WD HDD and reload my data.

The new purchase has been in my drawer since September 2019. It was only when my daughter needed a storage device to transfer data to her new notebook that it saw the light of day. My daughter was highly impressed with its speed and portability so I simply had to check it out myself.

Here are five reasons why my storage woes are no more:

  1. Small and light. It’s so compact — smaller than a business card and weighing just 51 grammes. With a thickness of a fraction over one cm, it is a lightweight wonder that can be easily handled and brought around.
  2. Lightning fast. Actually, I don’t know how fast a lightning is but the Samsung Portable SSD T5 transfers at up to 540MB/s, nearly five times faster than most portable hard disk drives. My 17GB Outlook file took under a minute to copy. As a matter of reference, it used to take more than 10 minutes with my old portable HDD.
  3. Very safe. With no moving parts, the aluminum-clad SSD offers peace of mind. I’m safe in teh knowledge that it can handle up to drops from two metres.
  4. Lovely colours. My 1TB version comes in bronze colour while the 250GB and 500GB models are said to have an alluring blue body.
  5. Easy connectivity. The box packs two cables — USB C to USB C cable and USB C to USB A cable — so the T5 can connect to a wide range of devices.

In conclusion, I think the Samsung Portable SSD T5 is nifty storage device that fits lots of lifestyle — whether it’s for work, travel, photography, or as a video library. The price can vary quite a bit (it currently lists for S$100 more than what I paid for) depending on when you buy and where you buy from. My suggestion is to keep a lookout for good deals during shopping seasons, which these days, feel like every other week.

Rating: 4/5

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