Delicious Wallet-Friendly Chocolates from Australia

I’ve just returned from a trip to Melbourne Australia and would like to share some chocolate snacks that I feel are worthy to be mentioned!

Tim Tam by Arnotts

This is a well-known inexpensive staple for visitors and locals alike. Available in almost every international grocery store globally, Tim Tam is definitely worth a mention, especially if you’re visiting Australia as there are SO MANY OTHER FLAVOURS available in Australia which are sadly not readily-available overseas. The original Tim Tam is a classic – chocolate cream is sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits which is then coated in another layer of chocolate (talk about chocolate overdose!). It is a sweet, crunchy, yet light snack that many adore.

Two of the flavours I chanced upon this trip includes the Manuka and Honey Cream Tim Tam and Gisborne Orange and Dark Chocolate. These flavours are part of Arnott’s Crafted Collection, a new collection that was just introduced to the market in February 2020.

The Manuka and Honey Cream Tim Tam was delicious. Instead of having a chocolate cream filling, this was replaced with manuka and honey cream which gave it an equally sweet, yet different flavoured taste. Eaten at room temperature, the filling was soft and creamy on the inside, and it pairs so well with the chocolate outer-coating.

The Gisborne Orange and Dark Chocolate was interesting, but not as fascinating only because a similar orange flavoured Tim Tam used to be available market as well. It’s good, and if you’re a lover of orange chocolate, this should be added to your must-buy list.

At A$3.65, these biscuits are definitely a classic.

Tortina by Loacker

Loacker carries this product, and similar to Arnotts, the brand is pretty well-known globally, especially for its wafer biscuits. However, this product, Tortina, is one of my favourites under this brand!

It has two crispy biscuits, wrapping a smooth hazelnut cream and is coated with a layer of chocolate. This product does sound familiar to Tim Tam but tastes very different as the texture of the biscuits are on the crispier, wafer-y side. If you are a nut lover, this cream filling makes this chocolate-coated biscuit such a treat!

During this trip, I chanced upon the dark chocolate version, and it’s even nicer than the original as the dark chocolate makes the snack less sweet overall. This is an inexpensive treat and costs A$4 for a box.


Arnotts and Loacker are chocolate brands that aren’t new to many, but the flavours that are available in Australia definitely won me over during this trip. What makes it even more worth-while is the fact that these products are all wallet-friendly!

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