Have your cake and eat it!

While scrolling through my Instagram stories recently, there was an advertisement on AnnaBella Patisserie’s Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate cake, and I bought it – but what drew me to it? Firstly, it had the elements I like in my cake – chocolate, hazelnut and feuilletine. Secondly, the advertisement showed a 50% off the price, with free delivery!

Here’s a quick review of what I like (non-cake areas):

Delivered – Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Cake by AnnaBella Patisseri
  1. Delivery was good and came according to the time slot I arranged it. I forgot the timing and the delivery guy called me to check where he could leave it – honestly quite a polite guy!
  2. Cake came with the decorations on the side – I liked this idea as it ensures that the macrons that were supposed to be on the cake did not turn soggy when left on the layer of chocolate glaze. Also, it allows one to get creative on how you want to place it on the cake.
  3. Candles were provided too! I did not request for it as the cake was just meant for dessert, but I was happy that they delivered some over. This is good to note, especially when ordering for a birthday.

Now for the review of the edibles!

  1. Chocolate glaze on the top was not too sweet and had a hint of dark chocolate hazelnut flavor.
  2. The layers of cake were soft and fluffy – for a cake that has to be eaten while cold, I’m glad that the cake did not harden too much and provided a lovely texture.
  3. The feuilletine was the icing on the cake – technically it was right at the bottom – but you get the point. This crunchy layer added that additional crunch to the cake which was AMAZING. On its own, feuilletine doesn’t taste much – but in a chocolate hazelnut cake, this layer ensures that the cake gets its additional texture and ‘feels’.
  4. Macarons given were really sweet (but that’s how they usually are!) – the dark chocolate filling helped ease a bit of the sweetness which made it more appealing (Forgot to take a photo of this but they were slightly smaller than an average macaron).

Would I buy this cake again? Yes, I definitely will if it’s priced at its promotional price of $29.80. The cake can feed 8 – 12 pax and for a dense cake like this, 12 small slices is sufficient! I find it a tad too expensive if it’s bought at its original price and will go for the Four Leaves Coco Exotic cake instead if I’d like a chocolate hazelnut cake.

You can purchase the cake here if you like! Straight-forward experience in purchasing the cake~

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