Sugar and Spice (and everything nice)

Taiwan’s Yu Jan Shin’s butter pastry has been our go-to pastry for the past few years, but another crowd favourite that we love is Sugar and Spice’s nougats.

Founded in Taichung in 1996, Sugar and Spice is known for their range of Taiwanese snacks and pastries. From pineapple cakes to tarts, cakes, chocolate and snacks, Sugar and Spice is a one-stop shop for all who are looking for gifts to bring home or as a treat for yourself.

I’ve grown-up loving nougats. Australia’s Golden Boronia nougats were my go-to nougats – especially those that my family and friends specially flew in from Australia. While similar in size and shape, the Sugar and Spice nougats taste a lot fresher.

My family was recently gifted this box of Sugar and Spice gift set which came with three different products – original nougats, cranberry nougats and peanut candies.

The original nougats have a strong buttery taste that gives the nougat a strong oomph factor. It is not overly sweet and has a soft and chewy texture, making it generally consumable by individuals of all ages (the nuts are the hard bits of this nougat!). Let’s just say, once you start eating it, you won’t be able to stop.

The cranberry nougats are on the sweeter side and has the same texture and consistency as the original nougats. This range of nougats will probably please the palette of young children as it is like eating a creamy, milky bar of goodness.

Taiwan is known for their peanut-shaved ice cream wrap, and these peanut candies taste like the shaved peanut flakes within the ice cream wrap. The sand-like peanut candy is compressed into small little candies which come out slightly smaller than the nougats. My family really loves this too, but there are other similar products on the market – a good buy, but not a must buy.

I’ve always wanted to try the nuts tart from Sugar and Spice and will make it a point to try it on my next trip to Taiwan!

With outlets peppered all across Taiwan, with one in Taoyuan International Airport, it is getting more convenient to purchase Sugar and Spice’s treats. Have you tried any other Sugar and Spice products? Which are your favourites?

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