Yu Jan Shin’s butter puffs take the cake

Yu Jan Shin butter pastry

For years, the only proven pastry I’d buy from Taiwan are Chia Te’s lau puo ping (wives cake). I’ve tried many others, thanks to the generosity of family and friends, but nothing comes close — until my trip to Taipei last week.

My younger daughter and I were walking by pastry outlets at the Basement of Taipei 101 when one of the promoters offered us a piece of pastry each. I’m not one to accept such offers but somehow, something prompted me to take and try, which I did.

We walked a few steps away and took our first bites. Truth be told, it was very nice.

The butter pastry was flaky and light while the filling was buttery. Compared to Chia Te’s soft pastry lau puo ping, this pastry was crispy yet not hard. The bite feel is good and the mouth feel great.

We went back to the counter called Yu Jan Shin and ordered a box to sample in our accommodation. The pastry came in two sizes — normal and large, which can be cut into pieces to share.

We bought the large version which came in a box of three. Our intention was to try it once more before deciding if it’s worth buying more for the folks back home.

Further taste test in our room confirmed the results — the butter pastry scores top marks.

Both of us made a mental note to go by Taipei 101 to get some of these goodies later in the week.

The next night, we were enjoying a walk through Raohe Night Market, our favourite night market in Taipei, when we chanced upon a Yu Jan Shin shop at No. 189, Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105.

As a shop, this was definitely bigger and had more products than the counter at Taipei 101. We sampled some other pastries but found the butter pastry to be the best.

Our family back home liked what we bought so next time I’m in Taipei, I’ve got an alternative place to buy great pastry.

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