Pier 21 – A Food Haven

With many shopping malls popping up all around Thailand’s capital, one mall still draws a steady crowd despite having been around for quite a few number years. Terminal 21, a themed mall, is designed with every level within the building representing a specific country. While unique, this is not its main feature which stands out to me. What stands out is Pier 21.

Sixth Floor – San Francisco-themed

Situated on the sixth floor which is San Francisco-themed, Pier 21 is a food court in Terminal 21 that serves a wide variety of food – from local Thai food to international food like pasta. What’s most fascinating about the place is not the great quality of food but the prices of the food!

To give you a rough gauge of the prices of food there, a plate of fried rice noodles (kuay teow) with chicken/pork costs THB 28 (~ USD$1) and a bowl of fish maw soup costs THB 40 (USD $1.30). Portion-wise, the plate of rice noodles is good for one person while the bowl of soup can be shared among two people. If you have a seafood craving, you can try the oyster omelette at THB 60 (USD $2). Served on a bed of bean sprouts, the crispy-edged oyster omelette with oysters is definitely a must-eat for me – even better than the ones in Singapore and Taiwan!

The making of crispy pancakes!

For desserts, a plate of mango sticky rice costs THB 50 (USD $1.70) and the little crispy pancakes with shredded salted egg toppings costs THB 30 (USD $1) for 10. In the video above, you can see how fresh these little crispy pancakes are!

Served in an air-conditioned and modern setting, this food court is able to serve delectable food options at such a low cost as rent is not collected here. This allows cost-savings to be passed on to customers like ourselves!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a place to eat reasonably priced and tasty local food, Pier 21 is definitely a must-go food haven. Apart from eating at Terminal 21, you can also explore the different levels (and toilets!) that are peppered with iconic structures in the country it represents. 

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