The Sweetest Trend – After You

In many major malls across Bangkok, you will find a popular dessert chain – After You. This dessert cafe is known for its thick Shibuya Honey Toast (among many other dessert options). But what makes this cafe so well-known, even among tourists?

The extensive menu

From toasts, coffee, cakes, bread, and even kakigori (shaved ice), After You offers an extensive menu that even the pickiest eater can be satisfied there. Apart from the toast (which I will cover in my next point), I managed to score a treat with the Milo kakigori.

Milo Kakigori

This bowl of shaved ice came with bits of milo nuggets in the mountain of shaved ice. Topping this mountain is sweet Horlicks foam cream which is then powdered with milo. The little jug of milo sauce came on the side – which we quickly realised that pouring it required skills – a feat that we couldn’t achieve. Despite the mess we created with the milo sauce, the milo kakigori was decadent and was well worth-it.

Tip: Heard that the Thai Milk Tea kakigori is amayyyyzing. Do try it out if you like tea!

The toast

Shibuya Honey Toast

Shibuya Honey Toast – probably the toast that made them famous. The classic honey toast is served in a thick cut, smothered with lots and lots and lots (you get the point) of butter, and is surprisingly not overwhelming.

Served with two scoops of ice cream, the regular-size order also came with a fluff of whipped cream and nuts. I personally thought that there was too much ice cream and a single scoop of ice cream would have given the toast a better ice cream to bread ratio. Nonetheless, the other scoop of ice cream can be eaten alone!

Having eaten this toast trip after trip, I’ve got to say that it has remained consistently delicious over the years. If the toast is still not sweet enough for you, After You serves the toast with a small jug of honey that can be added to your toast.


The macadamia meringue is a snack that is packaged in small gift bottles, making it easy for one to bring back as souvenirs. It has a slight crunch and the sweetness like many meringues, but the small pieces of macadamia nuts within the meringue is the icing on the cake. Every meringue is so light and refreshing that one can easily finish the entire bottle in a sitting.

Final Thoughts

The treats at After You are on the pricier side, but in my opinion, totally worth it. While frequented by many tourists, I’ve seen many locals also eating there. The queues can get a little long during peak periods but if you are at a less touristy mall, or go at off-peak hours, the wait isn’t that long!

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