Best eBook Reader yet

With so many eBook applications on the market, it’s easy to fine one just by searching on the App and Play Stores. However, a particular eBook application that appeals to me is OverDrive.

A free mobile application, OverDrive provides a very intuitive experience for eBook viewing and reading. A couple of other free mobile applications I tried out (including the ‘famous’ free eBook reader) often offer a decent user experience but advertisements randomly pop up at the bottom bar. 

Despite being a free application, OverDrive comes without any advertisement. Like a conventional eBook reader, it allows me to adjust the brightness, colour scheme, font size and style, landscape columns, margins, orientation, screen timeout, page animation, and more. The bookmark feature (while many may find pretty common) is pretty intuitive as well. 

As a pure eBook application, I would already give it an awesome rating. However, the icing on the cake is that the application can be linked to my local library’s eBook borrowing system. 

Linking the application to my local library’s account was straightforward, and being able to borrow eBooks from my local library makes it even more convenient. eBooks borrowed from my local library stays on my OverDrive bookshelf for three weeks, and I am able to easily ‘return’ the eBook after I’ve finished reading it. eBooks purchased on other sites can also be added into my OverDrive bookshelf. 

OverDrive bookshelf

Apart from just being able to view eBooks, the application also supports Audiobooks and video playback. Audiobooks are slowly making a return to the book space and OverDrive has nailed it in capturing this audience as well.

As an eBook reader, OverDrive really tops it. It provides an intuitive reading experience, is easy to register and the many partnerships it has with libraries globally is something very commendable. The 4.6 star rating it has received on Play Store to date is also pretty sweet. 

Do check the application out on the App Store and Play Store today! The application can also be downloaded on Amazon, Windows and MAC PCs. 

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