Duel-Otters: Simple, fun and playable offline

Have you ever been caught waiting for your meal to arrive, not knowing how to engage with your meal buddy? On a different note today, I’d like to introduce a FREE game that can be found on the Play Store and App Store that’s great for two players! 

Duel Otters was introduced by a tech-savvy friend who enjoyed playing games that were quick, fun and simple to play with. 

This game has two main modes – 

  1. Individual – In this mode, you get to ‘challenge’ the game engine itself
  2. Two-player – There are two main kinds- three-wins/ endless party. While waiting for your meal to arrive, three-wins is usually sufficient.

Why I love it – 

  1. Simple games available – From hockey, ’pumping’ balloons, to matching games and even quick calculation games, these simple games can be played by players of all ages. For the competitive ones, there is also a ‘random’ mode where the game engine decides for you to which game you’ll be playing. All games should end within a minute or two and provide endless entertainment. Even the least competitive person will be excited while playing the games.
  2. Entertaining/ Up-beat Music – In a restaurant/ café setting, being able to play a simple game with slightly up-beat music is quite entertaining and is a clear conversation starter.
  3. Does not require Internet/ data connection – Games I generally dread are those that drain your battery AND require loads of data. This game is fun to play offline and if you are worried about possible data consumption, you can just change your phone’s setting to ensure that this game does not connect to the Internet while you’re not connected to Wi-Fi

I’ve played this game with my friends (ages 20+) and children (ages <10) and we’ve always had fun playing these games. 

Why not download the game today and have fun? 

Download from the game from the App Store and Play Store today!

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