Exploring IconSiam

On a recent trip to Bangkok, my family and I decided to visit a new, highly-raved mall – IconSiam. IconSiam had its grand opening in November 2018 and has since attracted a vast number of tourists and locals alike. Being the largest mall in Bangkok, it boasts more than just shops but has many attractions within the mall itself.

The ground level hosts a cultural experience where I couldn’t help but be amazed at. One of the most known attractions in Bangkok is the floating market and this level had a floating market re-created to allow tourists to experience it.  The level was sectioned into various parts of Thailand, where each section showcased the unique crafts and food of the area.

To allow yourself to truly be able to ‘taste’ Thailand, common tables and chairs were also available where we were able to buy food from the different areas and have a feast. For such a grand mall like IconSiam, I was surprised that prices were kept pretty affordable (case in point – skewers were sold at 120 baht for 10).

Walking through the various stalls, we found ourselves near a staircase and it was only then where we realized that there was a mezzanine to the ground level. From the mezzanine, we were able to look across the entire area, and it truly felt like a cultural night market – a very cozy and pleasing one to be in.

Once we were done exploring the cultural area, we explored the rest of the building where we saw many flagship stores (including the first Apple store in Thailand) and a Porshe car showroom. Many famous restaurant chains (including Laem Chaeron and MK Live) are situated at the top floors of the mall. A waterfall, smaller but similar to the waterfall at Singapore Changi Airport’s Jewel, can also be found there.

For those looking for a new place to explore in Bangkok, this is definitely the ‘in’ thing for this season! The whole area is picturesque and definitely insta-worthy.

More information on how to get there can be found here.

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