Catch a nap at CentralWorld

While many malls provide chairs or benches for shoppers to take a break, CentralWorld has upped the notch by offering tired shoppers a place to take a nap.

During my trip to Bangkok last week, I came across a red rectangular structure in the popular shopping complex. It looks like something one would find in a playground — a monkey bar contraption of sorts.

But, upon closer examination, it was more than that. Using a combination of metal poles and platforms, the structure lets shoppers sit, study, slouch, and even sleep. Picture a bunk bed and you’d have a better idea of what I’m talking about.

The lower zones provide seats at different heights so the young and tall all have somewhere to sit comfortably. Even the “tables” are tilted at different angles so there’s something for everyone.

From the looks of things, some shoppers really know of this place. They came prepared for a nap, equipped with pillows and sleeping bags.

There are a few ground rules — no unaccompanied children under 12, no shoes in the upper zones, be careful while resting, and no climbing or jumping. Certainly makes sense as these make the structure a better place for all to use.

Do check this out next time you’re out shopping at CentralWorld. And remember to bring a pillow if you’d like to catch a nap.

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