MBT GT 18: Great for flat-footers

The GT 18 (left) is a worthy successor to the GT 17.
One of the pains of having flat feet is feeling strain on the joints after walking. As a life-long sufferer, I have to put up with the pain after exercising and while travelling, making walking somewhat of a chore.

That was until I was introduced to rockers by a friend. My love affair with the boat-shaped sole shoes began with Skechers and has since evolved to my first pair of MBT shoes last year.

It’s the first pair of shoes that got me walking and walking — and loving the experience! This speaks volumes for a flat-footer where walking is a constant pain.

The MBT 17 is so comfortable and well padded that I do not feel the strain even after hours of walking. Its tri-density rocker sole is amazing, relieving any pressure from hitting the ground.

After a year of use, my trusty MBT has worn out. The heel portion is coming apart from constant use, including travelling to four continents with me.

And it’s been a very long time — since my teenage years — that I’ve worn out a pair of shoes. In recent past, I changed shoes because of age not over use.

MBT GT18 side

Needless to say, the choice for a replacement was obvious. I went for its successor, the MBT GT !8. My daughters bought it as an early birthday present for me.

From the first feel of walking in it this month, it’s a worthy successor.

What I like about the MBT GT 18:

  1. The colour — While the MBT GT 17 was good, it’s shades of blue makes it hard to pair with certain outfits. I loved the black model of the latest incarnation. With its white and grey sole, it’s a match for most of my everyday wear.
  2. The fit — I really like the way it wraps my feet snugly without being overly tight. Plus, I can slip it on and off without unlacing!MBT GT18 bottom.JPG
  3. The sole — It’s the main difference between this and other shoes. Though the Skechers Shape-ups were good, they tend to have a softer sole so you can still feel the ground when walking. On the other hand, the MBT GT 18 has a firm tri-density rocker sole, giving a more confident feel when hitting the ground.
  4. The cushioning — The MBT GT 18 provides great cushioning, protecting the sole from hard ground.
  5. The price –– At S$199, it’s cheaper than most other branded shoes and for me, definitely better value.

As you can tell, I’m totally sold on MBT shoes, especially for walking and running. I have a few pairs for formal and casual wear. The feel for those is different because the rocker is more pronounced and may take a little getting used to.

If you’re keen on getting the shoes in Singapore, check out MBT outlets at Paragon, #04-12 and Suntec City, North Wing, #01-471. The staff’s really good too — they are customer-oriented and know their stuff.


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