Chilled coconut pudding makes a sweet ending

Swee Choon.jpgSwee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant is always a hive of activities whenever we visit. Highly popular for its tim sum, there is a constant stream of hungry customers.

Opened in 1992, the restaurant occupies several units along Jalan Besar, from 183 to 191.

Over the years, the queuing system has improved tremendously with the adoption of technology, making the wait more pleasant.

There are so many favourites on my family’s list — siew mai, har gao, char siew bao, Shanghai xiao long bao, and chilled chicken in spicy bean paste. My personal must-eat item is shrimp hor fun in creamy egg sauce though I’m not a shrimp person. That’s why we order the chilled chicken as a side. The hor fun is simply heavenly and topped by an egg sauce that’s sweet and saltish.

Our favourite list keeps growing with each visit. Somehow, we always end up trying something new.

And I’m glad we did because during my most recent visit, I decide to try a dessert for the first time.

Chilled coconut custard.jpg

I opted for the chilled coconut pudding and it was ooohhh, so good! The dessert comprised pudding made from coconut juice and placed in a young Thai coconut.

The pudding was soft, gel-like and so fragrant and tasty. Each spoonful was a sheer delight with the coolness complementing all the other food that were consumed over dinner.

There wasn’t much meat in the coconut but the little that I had was soft and tender.

This chilled coconut pudding certainly makes a perfectly sweet ending to a great dinner.

If you’re planning to head to the restaurant, do note that payment is only via cash or NETS only.


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