Grilled seafood platter value for money

Grilled platter.jpgNight life is alive and very vibrant in exotic Bangkok. A key element are the night markets, of which there are plenty, each with its own uniqueness and offerings.

For my recent trip, my family decided to check out Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market at 55/9 Ratchadaphisek Rd.

Easily accessible via Cultural Centre MRT Station, this night market is smaller than another that’s located a little out of the city but packed with loads of food and other stalls.

When we arrived at around 6pm, there was a steady stream of tourists walking towards the market, which closes at 1am of weekdays and Sundays and 2.10am on Saturdays.

Our first objective was to look for a place to eat. There are several rows of eateries lined up back to back. While the stallholders tried to draw our attention, we found that getting a table is not that easy — the crowds just kept coming.

Seafood was the order of the day so we picked a stall that had an available table and plonked ourselves there. It was cramped but with our hungry stomachs, we were prepared to make do.

We picked a seafood platter (see photo) that costs 590 baht. Then, the wait began. Seems that the stallholders are more interested in getting new customers than looking after those already seated. Even though there wasn’t any seat left, they continued to peddle their stuff. That was when it dawned on us that the adjoining stalls are either related or they do cross-selling.

After about half an hour of waiting and having countless people walking pass and bumping into us, we asked how much longer we had to wait.

The disinterested staff delivered our question over the walkie talkie and our platter arrived a few minutes later.

The star of the platter was the grilled fish, which is surrounded by scallops, cockles, prawns, vegetable, and a small packet of bee hoon. It was supposed to be for two to three persons but proved to be more than enough for the four of us.

I cannot vouch for the rest of the food but the fish tasted fresh and tender. The skin is a tad too salty and hard to eat but dip the meat into the chilli sauce and it’s mouth-watering.

Our neighbouring tables seem to have ordered the same platter and were equally thrilled with the fish.

For 590 baht, the grilled seafood platter offers good value for money.

I was still not satisfied and wanted to have other meats for my dinner. When I eyed barbecued chicken and pork, kebab-style, in another stall, my mind was made up.

Pity I didn’t take photos of those as I guess I was too busy enjoying them. At 20 baht per stick, the meats are so nicely done — succulent, juicy and tasty. That’s another reason to make another trip back here next time I’m in Bangkok.


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