Cool coconut dessert draws me back to Chatuchak

IMG_20180811_104620.jpgMy first trip to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok left an impression that says, “been there, done that”. I did not even want to consider venturing again to the massive maze of more than 15,000 stalls. It was hot, humid and when it poured, the place was flooded. The cheap T-shirts were cheaper for a reason — the quality doesn’t measure up to those a little more expensive bought at MBK and other night markets.

After nearly a decade, I was persuaded to give the place a second shot earlier this year. This time, I left impressed. The market is much cleaner, better organised and the walkway no longer has potholes that gather water when it rains.

Plus, I was eager to try the much written about coconut ice cream. My daughter and I shared one that day and being an ice cream aficionado, that just wasn’t enough.

So, my family and I made our way to the market again last weekend. We shopped for pet accessories, snacks and other knick knacks. However, my top priority was to have the coconut ice cream dessert. This time, I wasn’t prepared to share it with anyone else.

There are many stalls selling the dessert and from what I’ve tasted, I think they get their stuff from the same supplier.

We bought two — one for my wife and two daughters and the other was exclusively mine.

For just 50 baht, I get two scoops of coconut ice cream plus sweet glutinous rice in a coconut and unlimited toppings — well, as much as we can add without spilling over. My toppings were nuts, corn and attap chee.

The ice cream was sheer delight in a warm morning. It was a cool refreshment that brings much joy to the mouth and soul. The toppings complement the ice cream so well — adding crunch, bite and a tinge of saltiness to a sweet dessert. I love the coconut flesh at the bottom — almost like the icing to the cake to finish a meal.

Chatuchak Weekend Market has, to me, a redeeming attraction, one that can draw me back again to jostle with the crowd and get lost in the maze because of this cool coconut dessert.



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