Bellroy Note Sleeve scores on slimness

Bellroy Note Sleeve handI’ve had a fascination with wallets since I was a kid. From plastic wallets in my childhood days to leather ones today, I have used, lost and worn out more than I can count. And I am not one to switch wallets frivolously. I will use it till it’s no longer presentable — or in my younger day, lost because of my playfulness.

Last month, I was drawn to the Bellroy wallet. It’s not the first time I’ve heard of this brand. A friend had pointed out a Bellroy sale to me last year, to which I did not pay much attention to.

But, this time, it was different. I have a need for a slimmer wallet. Imagine, I have to split my cards to two thick bulging wallets, carrying just one when I go out. But, the bulge makes the existing wallets unsuitable for travel. It’s cumbersome to slot in and take out from the front pocket of my pants/jeans, and takes up lots of space in my sling bag.

Back to Bellroy. The Australian company’s wallets are known for their slimness. I began reading more reviews and the more I read, the more my interest was piqued.

Next up was determining which model is best for me. I narrowed down to two — the Note Sleeve and the interestingly named Hide & Seek.

Bellroy Note Sleeve front.jpgBoth met my requirements but I opted for the Note Sleeve because of one tiny feature. The Hide & Seek is better in terms of compartments as it has two cash slots and can take one more card (12 compared to 11 for the Note Sleeve).

But that tiny feature is that the Hide & Seek has Bellroy’s metallic logo on the front while the Note Sleeve just has the brand debossed. This may not be much for most people but for me and my dry skin, it’s the difference between getting occasional scratches and no bleeding at all.

The prices vary from site to site but I managed to snag one for practically nothing with my KrisFlyer miles redemption — I just had to pay for the postage.

Bellroy Note Sleeve packagingBellroy is certainly consistent in its messaging because the wallet came in a slim box that resembles an envelope.

After transferring the 11 cards from my bulging wallet to the new acquisition, I was greatly impressed.

Bellroy Note Sleeve slim.jpgHere’s what I like about the Note Sleeve.

  • Slimness: Measuring just 102mm by 90mm, the Note Sleeve is really slim. Its compactness can be attributed to the design, which minimises the layers of leather to accommodate cards.
  • Stylish: The wallet comes in premium, environmentally certified leather that is soft and comfortable to the touch.
  • Sufficient card slots: It has three dedicated card slots when opened — the other cards can be bunched together in a slot with a pull tab for easy retrieval.
  • Stores notes easily: The full-sized note section is perfect for most, if not all, currency. A hidden pocket can store coins or additional cards.
  • Secured: It blocks RFID signals, protecting the cards inside

With a three-year warranty, I feel like I’m on to a winner. No more bulges. No more trying to shove it into my sling bag. And best of all, no scratches.

If you’re keen on getting the Bellroy Note Sleeve, check it here.

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