One is better when it comes to frequent flyer programme

Star Alliance

Few things get the adrenaline flowing more than flying — whether it’s for work or pleasure.

Airlines have mastered the art of customer service by treating travellers differently depending on the class of ticket.

How often people feel like second or even third class during check in or boarding time. The queue is long and the wait time longer at the economy check in counter and the boarding gate.

That’s unless you have the budget to buy a higher class ticket which comes with better service, lounge access and of course, wider seats and choice of meals.

The other alternative for mortals is to join a frequent flyer programme and clock up enough miles to enjoy the same perks as those travelling on more expensive tickets.

One mistake I’ve made is to join too many frequent flyer programmes. I’m a member of Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, and Eva Air and have my miles spread across all these.

The catch is that I need to clock up lots of miles on each of these to enjoy Gold status and the privileges that come with it.

It was only when a friend suggested that I consolidate my miles to one programme that I realised my folly. Why didn’t I think of that?

If I add the miles on those from the same alliance, such as Star Alliance, into one programme, I would have hit Gold status long ago. I should not have spread them in both Singapore Airlines and Eva Air. A word for the wise — it’s easier to earn miles from Eva Air which is more generous compared to Singapore Airlines.

So, if like me, you’re enrolled in several frequent flyer programmes, it would be good to just concentrate on one to clock up the miles. That way, you can get a faster upgrade and enjoy the perks.


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