Shokz OpenRun Pro: Great for outdoor workouts

Listening to music makes walking and cycling more relaxing. My usual go to device was a pair of earbuds. That is until one of them dropped while I was cycling. What compounded the problem was that my rear tired ran over the earbud and it flew into the grass patch.

I searched frantically for it, even drawing the attention a couple of workers having a break nearby. They helped with the search but gave up after 10 minutes. I was determined to find it because a single earbud is of no use to me.

Thankfully, I found it after another 10 minutes of calculating possible trajectory of the earbud. It was nestled among a bunch of grass. Alas, it was cracked and split opened.

I managed to snap it close but it could no longer work — even after much trying after I got home.

When I posted on this misadventure on Facebook, someone suggested that I consider using a bone conduction headphone instead. While I have heard of the term before, it never quite got my attention.

After reading more about it, I started thinking that it could be what I need for my rides.

The options were aplenty. So was the price range.

As I wanted one that could withstand the elements (rain or shine) and is reputable, I opted for Shokz OpenRun Pro.

Again, the price differs from store to store online. The biggest challenge was trying to make sure that the store is reliable and sells authentic products. After reading reviews, I settled for one that sounded legit with good reviews.

How’s the OpenRun Pro?

It’s been five months since my purchase. Though the initial feel of the sound vibrating on the cheek bone felt a little ticklsh, I soon got used to it. I must say that the product is really good and reliable.

Secure: It fits nicely over the ear and round the back of the head, making it safe and secure. No chance of dropping off like a ear bud.

Safe: While it’s good to be immersed in the music, outdoor activities require us to be sensitive to the environment, such as bells ringing or horns blaring to warn us of traffic. As the OpenRun Pro rests outside the rest, ambient sound is not blocked out, keeping users aware of surrounding noise.

Comfortable: Compared to earbuds, the OpenRun Pro is non-intrusive. This is particularly practical for someone like me who does not feel comfortable with earbuds — always feel that they may fall off if I move a little too much.

Handling: Its lightweight, titanium frame (weighing just 27 grammes) makes it tough for rough handling, such as shoving in bag and can withstand drops. Plus, the rubberised exterior is easy to handle without slipping off the fingers.

Fast charging: Using a proprietary cable, the headset charges quickly — it takes just five minutes to charge for 90 minutes of playtime. Overall, the battery life is about 10 hours.


The OpenRun Pro is a perfect walking and cycling companion. It is ideal for environments where there is slight ambient noise. However, I won’t recommend using on a flight because of the plane noise and passenger chatter.

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